Leading Danish learning company Praxis becomes Moodle Premium Certified Partner

April 30, 2021 By Moodle

Moodle is pleased to welcome leading Danish online learning provider, Praxis as a Premium Certified Partner.  

With over 120 years experience in the Danish education and learning landscape, Praxis has been implementing Moodle based online learning solutions for the past 10 years, and as a Moodle Certified Partner since 2017.

Thomas Skytte, CEO of Praxis says, In these challenging times online learning has become the new normal. We are seeing an increase in demand from organisations across sectors for assistance in implementing or upscaling their online learning environments. Organisations who were reluctant to embrace online learning are now moving forward at a pace previously unheard of. In education institutions faculty staff have made a quantum leap in harnessing digital learning platforms. This is being mirrored in the workplace, especially in areas such as onboarding and compliance where online learning platforms have a chance to radically improve both efficiency and quality.”

Praxis has a deep investment in the Moodle community and their 55 strong member team has helped more than 50 organisations with implementation of Moodle solutions. Indeed, most Danish vocational students will have come into contact with a Moodle installation run by Praxis. The Praxis business model has grown substantially over the last four years and Praxis has continued to invest in the platform and services around Moodle. Praxis customers now enjoy access to more than 30 handcrafted plugins which cater to their specific needs. Furthermore, the bespoke integration engine ConnectionPoint has evolved so that it now has adaptors for all major SIS systems in the Danish market including Microsoft Dynamics. The level of support from the Praxis customer support team is also unprecedented and regularly reaches an impressive 100% customer satisfaction rating. 

Being a Moodle Premium partner is important for Praxis since it gives us the highest seal of approval and helps Praxis customers be sure that the services provided by us are verified and quality assured by Moodle HQ. We at Praxis see Moodle Workplace and Moodle LMS as the best positioned LMS’s for organisations since they are the only truly customisable LMS’s on the market. One size does not fit all, and Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace are the only two learning environments which deliver on that promise.  We believe Moodle Workplace will be an instrumental factor in the expansion of our footprint in the commercial sector,” says Skytte.

Praxis provides a full service Moodle-solution from hosting, upgrade, support and consultancy services.  

They have recently implemented an onboarding project for Zealand Business College (ZBC), one of the largest business and vocational schools in Denmark, with local departments in eight different cities scattered across the Zealand region. ZBC’s Moodle instance, which Praxis hosts and maintains, has become instrumental to their digital learning and infrastructure across all locations. ZBC have increased their use of Moodle to include onboarding courses for new employees. Because ZBC did not want the administrative hassle of maintaining both Moodle and their administrative HR platform,  Praxis developed an integration with Innomate, which allows Moodle to become an even more integral part of their learning environment not only for their students, but also for staff. New staff members are now automatically assigned to onboarding courses and their activity is reported to the responsible manager directly through the HR platform. 

Another key Praxis customer, Danish Defence has benefited from Praxis’s expertise with the implementation of a Moodle-based learning platform. The platform is used by 60,000 members of the Danish armed forces. Danish Defence has benefitted from custom plugins developed by Praxis such as an extremely user friendly and visually stunning course format, Praxis Grid.  Praxis has further integrated the Moodle platform with a SSO-solution and enhanced the Moodle experience so that each branch of the Danish Defence has its own course branding.  

Juan Lucca Garcia, Moodle’s Chief Commercial Officer says, “Our Premium Certified Partners’ transform Moodle into a solution that meets the unique needs of the organisations they work with – and Praxis is an exemplar case in point.  We look forward to the wealth of knowledge and experience they will deliver to Moodle customers and our partner network.”

Other key Praxis clients include Lederne,  DBU (Danish Football Association), Niels Brock, Brøndby Gymnasium and Studieskolen.

Please visit the Praxis Premium Certified Partner Profile or follow them on Facebook for further information.