Low-tech and highly inclusive eLearning with Steve Watt and MoodleBox

December 19, 2023 By Moodle

Join Lauren Goodman, Learning Designer at MoodleHQ, in a conversation with Steve Watt, the visionary behind Inclusiv Education, in an eye-opening exploration of low-technology, high-inclusion eLearning.

Discover how Inclusiv Education is harnessing Moodle to bridge the digital gap. Steve shares firsthand experiences of enabling quality learning in offline environments and delivering quality education to children in remote refugee camps in Kenya.

Together, Steve and Lauren discuss Moodlebox, a groundbreaking offline Moodle system powered by Raspberry Pi, which creates a new way for people to learn in low-technology settings. 

In this insightful podcast, gain exclusive insights into practical design strategies shaped by real-world challenges. Steve reveals the power of co-designing with local communities, optimising content for device limitations, and navigating data reporting complexities in offline settings.

Join the conversation and uncover the roadmap to a more inclusive, accessible, and empowering education landscape. Tune in now and be part of the revolution in education.

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In a series of conversations, the Moodle Podcast explores a range of topics, provides insights and uncovers personal stories from a variety of guests. The guests are specialists in their fields, whether in education technology, instructional design, Moodle-based solutions or the future of online learning.

Visit the Inclusiv Education website.

MoodleBox is an open-source project, founded and run by Nicolas Martignoni. Support the project or learn more here.