McGraw Hill chooses Moodle Workplace by 3ipunt to showcase, sell and distribute textbooks in educational institutions in Spain

May 19, 2021 By Júlia Verdaguer

McGraw Hill Education (MHE) is an international educational publishing company. With over 100 years of experience, McGraw Hill is committed to creating and providing students, educators and professionals with high-quality and innovative learning solutions for their education and development.



Distributing digital books for over 400 institutions in Spain

McGraw Hill Education distributes digital textbooks for over 400 schools and institutions in Spain. Each institution purchases as many user access codes as they need for their learners, which enables them to get online access to the digital textbooks. 

With their former solution, every time McGraw Hill had to make any changes on textbooks these had to be made individually on every institution’s platform – which meant modifying hundreds of copies of their books, one by one.



Managing content centrally with Moodle Workplace’s multi-tenancy

McGraw Hill worked with Premium Moodle Partner 3ipunt to create a solution that enables McGraw Hill to manage and distribute their textbooks centrally. 3ipunt had previously created a Moodle LMS site for McGraw Hill, but in this instance, it was clear from the outset of the project that Moodle Workplace would be the optimum platform to distribute McGraw Hill’s textbooks.

The expertise we have at 3ipunt and our knowledge of McGraw Hill’s needs made us choose Moodle Workplace, above all for its content-sharing capabilities through multi-tenancy options,” says Txell Llorach, eLearning Lead, Project Manager and MEC Facilitator at 3ipunt.

Working closely with McGraw Hill’s Digital Product Managers, Marketing and GDPR teams amongst others, 3ipunt developed a completely customised solution that adapted to their customer’s needs and business goals. Beyond the ability to edit their content centrally and distribute it to all institutions by taking advantage of multi-tenancy, 3ipunt also developed special customisations for McGraw Hill, which they integrated seamlessly into Moodle Workplace. These included customised enrolment methods, integration with McGraw Hill’s CMS Alfresco and a course enrolment manager to automate the creation and assignment of license codes, among others.



A slick, agile platform to showcase, sell and distribute content

With over 12,000 users in March 2021, McGraw Hill’s Moodle Workplace site is growing continuously. Around 200 books have been created and distributed to hundreds of educational institutions across  Spain.

Through 3ipunt’s customisations, McGraw Hill is also able to give students’ parents access to grades and results, by integrating Moodle Workplace with Google Classroom via LTI.

Finally, McGraw Hill implemented an additional Moodle Workplace site to showcase their books and content. With customised guest access, teachers browse the site, find books by ISBN and see a couple of units. If they wish to see more, they click a button that alerts McGraw Hill’s sales team, who can then open more units for them to review. Lastly, when a teacher or institution purchases the book, they’re automatically assigned to McGraw Hill’s main Moodle Workplace site, with full access to the textbooks.

 “At the moment, it is still too early to monetise the effort, although we are gaining agility and flexibility, above all in the promotion phase where we now don’t have to pay for the promotion of each single project,” says Juan Francisco Ocaña, Product and Digital Strategy Director at McGraw Hill.

The flexibility of Premium Moodle Partner 3ipunt to address and customize solutions for our market has been outstanding. The whole process was very well organised in phases and stages, bringing together people to accomplish various objectives” says Juan Francisco Ocaña, Product and Digital Strategy Director at McGraw Hill.