Moodle Academy, the learning hub for the global Moodle community, will migrate the courses that currently reside at Learn Moodle to the Moodle Academy platform at the end of April 2022.

For the last 9 years, Learn Moodle has played an important role in providing the global Moodle community of educators, administrators and developers ways to learn how to teach with, manage and develop Moodle.  In migrating the Learn Moodle courses to Moodle Academy, Moodle centralises all of its learning into one hub.  Moodle Academy provides everyone in the Moodle community with a single location to sign up for webinars, complete courses and earn badges and certificates to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

The existing Learn Moodle courses will become  free learning programs made up of several short courses that participants can earn badges for and display on their Moodle Academy profile.  Their badges can also be exported to their Badgr backpack. When a participant completes an entire program, they can purchase a certificate of completion for a small fee.

The Learn Moodle courses will migrate as follows:

  • Moodle Teaching Basics will keep the same name, but become a learning program comprised of five short courses.
  • Moodle Teaching Next Level will become Moodle Teaching Skills and become a program of five short courses.
  • Moodle Admin Basics will keep the same name, but become a learning program comprised of four short courses.
  • Moodle Plugin Development Basics will become Moodle Developer Basics and includes six short courses, some of which are already released on Moodle Academy.

For those in the Moodle community who have already completed Learn Moodle courses, information is provided on the Learn Moodle to help you save your course completion badges and certificates and move them across to Moodle Academy or another location. 

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