If you are a Moodle administrator looking to expand your skill set, Moodle Academy’s Intermediate Admin Pathway is designed to help you take your expertise to the next level.

Since 2020, new Moodle administrators have been able to benefit from free self-paced training in the very basics of managing a Moodle site. The Moodle Admin Basics program covers setting up and customising your site, creating and organising courses, and adding teachers and learners.

What is the Intermediate Admin Pathway?

Mindful of the increasing number of Moodle sites and need for skilled, competent Moodle administrators, in 2023, the Moodle Academy team are developing an Intermediate Admin Pathway, exploring in greater detail areas touched upon in the Basics Pathway and covering new areas such as data protection, reporting, and role management.

The Admin Pathway on Moodle Academy is underpinned by DigCompLMSAdmin, a competency framework designed by the Moodle Academy team, inspired by the DigCompEdu framework for educators and licensed under CC BY 4.0. The DigCompLMSAdmin framework consists of four general thematic areas: Infrastructure, Operation, Integration, and Practice, which in turn cover eight areas of competence:

  • Implementation, 
  • Maintenance and support,
  • Site structure,
  • User management, 
  • Site appearance/UX, 
  • Monitoring, 
  • Plugins and Extensions, 
  • Professional Practice.

It is important also to mention that these areas incorporate thirty-one competencies and each course in the Moodle Administrator Pathway aligns with one or more of these competencies. 

Digital competencies of educators Image

Which courses are available now?

Currently, three Intermediate-level admin courses are available on Moodle Academy, including Moodle Reports, Moodle Role Management, Data Protection. The courses are free, self-paced, and include video tutorials, tasks to complete, formative and summative assessments, and a badge upon completion. More courses are scheduled to be released during 2023, including Integration Policy, Course Enrolment, and Professional Practice.

At Moodle Academy, we are committed to providing high-quality education and training to help administrators enhance their skills and effectively manage their Moodle site. As Education Manager Mary Cooch, the original creator of the framework, explains, “Just as the Moodle Teaching Skills program aims to deepen educators’ understanding of teaching with Moodle, we hope these intermediate admin courses will empower administrators to confidently navigate and configure their Moodle site to the benefit of their organisation.”