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May 23, 2022 By Abby Fry

Learn Moodle Courses have moved to Moodle Academy

Learn Moodle Courses have now migrated to Moodle Academy, providing the Moodle community with a single location to sign up for webinars, complete courses and earn badges and certificates to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

All courses migrated from Learn Moodle have been updated to Moodle 4.0, providing everyone with the opportunity to get to know the latest version of our open source LMS.

Find out about updated programs and pathways in Moodle Academy.


Educator learning pathway

Moodle Teaching Basics is a beginner learning program now comprised of five short courses, including a course on Accessible Teaching Basics. This program will focus on the practical aspects of using Moodle tools, including:

  • Creating a course appropriate to your learners.
  • Understanding the main Moodle activities, resources and blocks.
  • Assignments and other graded activities.

Moodle Teaching Skills (formerly called Moodle Teaching Next Level) is an intermediate program of five short courses. This program will explore online teaching practices that engage the learner, including:

  • Designing accessible, inclusive courses.
  • Formative and summative assessment.
  • Encouraging self-regulated learning


Administrator learning pathway

Moodle Admin Basics is a beginner learning program comprised of four short courses. Your learning will focus on how to manage users and courses from within the admin interface, including:

  • Customising your site’s look and feel.
  • Giving users access to your site and courses.
  • Creating and organising courses.
  • Making the most of your site’s features.


Developer learning pathway

Moodle Developer Basics (based on the previous course called Moodle Plugin Development Basics) includes six short courses that are now released on Moodle Academy.  This pathway will help PHP developers to get familiar with Moodle development essentials and set themselves up to contribute to Moodle’s open-source community. Each course builds upon and enhances the plugin created and enhanced in previous courses as you learn new development techniques and Moodle features. The new program includes how to make sure the plugin is accessible and passes simple unit tests.

The six courses are:

  • Set up your Moodle Development Environment
  • Web Output Essentials
  • Moodle’s Modular Architecture and API’s
  • Moodle Accessible and Security Essentials
  • Accessible Development Practices
  • Unit Testing in Moodle


For those in the Moodle community who have already completed Learn Moodle courses, information is provided on Learn Moodle to help you save your course completion badges and certificates and move them across to Moodle Academy or another location. 

The Learn Moodle site will remain open until the end of May to enable people to save their badges and certificates. 


Enhanced certificate payment options

Moodle Academy courses are free. For those wishing to purchase a certificate of completion, you can use credit cards in many more countries than previously available, although PayPal is still available. For those in countries who couldn’t purchase a certificate previously because PayPal isn’t available, we now use Chargebee and Braintree, making the list of supported countries more extensive.


Upcoming webinars

Teaching Languages with Moodle

Wednesday, 25 May, 12:00 – 13:00 UTC

Join us at this webinar where you will learn how to take advantage of Moodle features to enhance and support language teaching.

Using MoodleNet

Wednesday, 8 June, 12:00 – 13:00 UTC

Sign up for this webinar in which you will learn about MoodleNet, our platform to share and curate open educational resources.  This will include how to search for and use resources in your Moodle course.

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