Moodle announces Sparkfore as a Certified Partner


Moodle is proud to announce Sparkfore* as the newest Certified Moodle Partner in Sweden, strengthening our presence in the Scandanavian region. 

Sparkfore has extensive experience and unique knowledge designing and creating effective learning experiences and materials in the technical industry and has translated this capacity to a wide range of industries in both the private and public sector.

Anders Stenmark, COO of Sparkfore says, “The digitalisation of our society provides great opportunities, but also challenges, for many companies do not know how to use it. Creating effective learning experiences is key to organisational growth and success and consequently there is a demand for expertise in assisting organisations across sectors transitioning to, or improving, online training and learning.” 

Sparkfore has 10 years experience utilising the Moodle platform to design and create customised online learning training solutions. 

Our expertise is in helping organisations transition to becoming “learning organisations”. We want to help them seize the moment and we provide strategic advice on how to utilise the Moodle platform to achieve this. The Moodle partner appointment confirms our expertise and gives a signal about the quality of service we will offer in the nordic market,” says Anders Stenmark.

Sparkfore has an impressive breadth of experience having implemented Moodle platform based solutions for Electrolux Professional, LKAB, Höganäs, Q-matic, DGM, Skellefteå Kraft, Ålö , Skellefteå kommun, Neoventa Medical and Byggföretagen.

In 2010, DGM Sweden, a part of the DGM worldwide network, saw the potential in creating a digital learning offer and engaged Sparkfore to create a training platform on dangerous goods and dangerous substances. Selected for its flexibility and customisability, the DGM Moodle platform now provides Sweden’s most used e-learning in ADR, the compliance training for transportation of dangerous goods, and is continually strengthening their position in the market with additional training and a wider offer in digital learning.

Being a Moodle partner is an important part of our current initiative in digital learning. We are happy to join the Moodle Partner program as it strengthens our position in the digital learning business.” Anna Elvnejd explains, COO at Sparkfore.

Indeed, it is Moodle’s advanced features and flexibility that allowed Sparkfore (previously Autotech) to implement a cornerstone project with Höganäs, a well established organisation within the process industry delivering services to a global market. Recognising the importance of adapting to external demands and industry changes, Höganäs saw the need to embrace a digital learning culture in order to achieve their commitment to lifelong learning as expressed in their learning strategy, “200 years of learning. Securing the next 200 years.” Höganäs engaged Sparkfore to customise Moodle LMS to create MyLearning, the Höganäs Moodle platform, offering dynamic and customised content for each user based on their role in the organisation, their interests and their career paths. Utilising best practice online learning pedagogy, learner engagement is stimulated through gamification, rewards and social learning components such as commenting, sharing and functions for asking questions of the educator or subject matter experts. MyLearning, the Höganäs Moodle platform, has been widely embraced by its community of learners. 

In addition to providing solutions for workplace learning, Sparkfore is well positioned to assist organisations with onboarding and compliance management as evidenced by their engagement to assist Qmatic, the world’s leading provider of Customer Journey Management, who set the tough goal of doubling their number of dealers within two years. The consulting team at Sparkfore created an onboarding solution for Qmatic including producing e-learning content and setting up a Moodle based online learning solution. Qmatic is currently expanding their digital learning experience via three major solutions that Sparkfore has implemented. This includes:

  1. The ability for Qmatic’s thousands of customers to set up a Single Sign On (SSO) on Qmatic’s Moodle LMS;
  2. The capacity to create an organisational hierarchy within the LMS where each manager only sees the results of his/her team; and
  3. Machine Translation of e-learning courses created in Storyline.


About the Partner

Sparkfore is underpinned by 25 years experience in designing and creating effective learning experiences and materials in the technical industry and 10 years experience in developing customised solutions to support workplace online learning.

For more information about Sparkfore, visit their Partner Profile, website or follow them on LinkedIn. 

* Sparkfore is a registered brand owned by Autotech Development Sweden AB, a part of the corporate group Autotech Förvaltning AB.


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