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February 21, 2024 By Sonya Trivedi

We’re pleased to introduce the latest Moodle Certified Integration: Element, a secure and sovereign communication platform, the integration of which has been tailored for the educational sector.

Element is a combined messenger and collaboration tool – including voice and video calls based on the open Matrix communications protocol. 

Element (also known as Element Server Suite) can be entirely self-hosted or delivered as a hosted service. This flexibility allows institutions to maintain digital sovereignty and secure communications, which is essential for today’s educational landscape.

Element operates as a federated network, so it can be set up to work as an ‘internal only’ network or to connect with trusted organisations.

In addition to these considerations, Moodle has chosen the Matrix protocol as the tool for developing and testing the new Communications API. This selection shows Moodle’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the integration, driven by our mutual alignment with open-source.

Key features of Element and our Moodle integration

  • User-friendly interface: Element offers a seamless messaging and collaboration experience with intuitive voice and video features, optimised for both mobile and desktop usage.
  • Privacy-centric design: With end-to-end encryption, Element prioritises confidential, privacy-respecting conversations, ensuring a secure digital environment for learners and educators.
  • Complete organisational control: The platform provides robust admin control, allowing institutions to manage ID and access, audit, and moderate with ease, ensuring a structured and safe learning space.
  • Internal and external communication flexibility: Element offers versatile federation options, whether for internal use or connecting with external entities like other schools or parents.
  • Group synchronisation: With Element, teachers can easily create Matrix-based chat rooms for course communication, with course participants automatically added as room members. 
  • Open source and built on the open Matrix protocol: Committed to open-source principles, Element is built on the Matrix standard, fostering open, interoperable real-time communications.

About Element

Element, co-founded by Amandine Le Pape and Matthew Hodgson, is a decentralised and flexible communications platform built on the Matrix open standard that gives people and organisations the independence to communicate with confidence.

Element is ushering in the next era of the internet by bringing a new sense of security to the world. 

“Consider Element as a data-sovereign alternative to WhatsApp, but with the comprehensive oversight and control typical of a corporate email system. It’s user-friendly, engaging, and highly adaptable. An organisation can precisely tailor how Element is utilised by staff and students and decide whether to expand into a private federation that includes trusted third parties like parents, guardians, other schools, or partners,” said Amandine Le Pape, COO, Element.


The integration with Element aligns perfectly with Moodle’s commitment to providing a safe, engaging, and interactive learning environment. By leveraging Element’s robust communication platform, Moodle learners and educators can experience a new level of digital sovereignty and security in their educational pursuits.

For further information on Element and its integration with Moodle, visit Element’s Certified Integration page.

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