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As classrooms all around the world continue to be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have turned to online learning to continue to provide quality education for their students – and many around the world are getting ready to start the 2020-2021 school year also fully online.

Although there are benefits to online education, such as a higher learning retention rate while requiring less time to learn the material, moving from face-to-face to completely online teaching poses different challenges for everyone involved—with problems ranging from providing adequate feedback to plagiarism. Moodle’s Certified integrations can help you iron out some of these issues and give your students the learning experience you want to give them.

Easy add-ons for your Moodle platform

Moodle’s Certified Integrations are extensions you can easily install to your Moodle platform to further enhance its functionality. These add-ons provide extra features on top of our LMS and integrate seamlessly with it, in a straightforward and smooth way. 

Let’s see how our Certified Integrations can help your organisation teach and learn online:

BigBlueButton: Bringing the classroom to the digital screen

One of the common problems faced by students is the need to adapt from being passive to active learners as they have to constantly engage in online discussions. BigBlueButton provides a semblance to classroom sessions by providing features not commonly found in other teleconferencing applications. The platform has a multi-user whiteboard wherein students and teachers can annotate, draw, and write on presentations which can prove to be helpful for teaching lessons that may need close aid and guidance such as mathematics and graphing. It also has breakout rooms wherein team collaboration can be easily done during class and polls to ensure class participation. 

Bongo: Building students’ growth online

As classes move to the digital screens, so do assignments, projects, and assessments. As most of these requirements demand students to apply what they have learned into real-life situations, feedback remains important to challenge them to further improve and push for growth. Bongo aims to enable experiential skills and soft skills learning through the use of video assessments and peer-to-peer learning. Assignments can be tailored to best fit the specific learning goals of a course; whether it be through question and answer, individual or group projects, or interactive video responses. Best of all, personalized feedback can be given through time-stamped comments and use of metric analysis. Students are also able to meet their instructors through the virtual classroom feature wherein synchronous classes can be held and recorded for future reference. 

Simcheck by Turnitin: Preventing plagiarism

As classes transition online, students will be more inclined to access resources through the internet for their assignments and assessments. However, some may go to the route of academic dishonesty and copy another’s work to get a higher grade. Simcheck aims to prevent such instances from happening through providing instructors access to a similarity report that cross-references works to over 70 billion web pages through Turnitin’s web crawler. These reports help both faculty and students to be able to act on this information and help provide submissions with integrity and originality in mind. 

Intelliboard: Monitoring Performance

With students approaching their classes at their own pace, instructors need to find ways to monitor their progress and be able to adjust accordingly. Intelliboard provides data visualization, reporting, and analytics that can determine the performance of both students and teachers. The application can provide data on user engagement and progress summary on the course and its modules which can help instructors identify at-risk learners and guide them on the right track. The platform also helps analyze assessment activity including the distribution of quiz grades which can guide teachers to make better assessments that are tailored-fit to the needs of the students and the course. Aside from this functionality, students can make use of this tool to track their learning through an overview of their progress and grades in the course.

Overall, our Certified Integrations help provide a productive and efficient learning experience for learners and instructors alike. A seamless educational process can help your organization’s learning system build trust and credibility with its students. It is inevitable that online learning will be the norm while the pandemic persists; however, we can prepare our resources early on to provide a fruitful and enjoyable learning experience for everyone involved.

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