Moodle courses for administrators, developers and teachers are available with our Brazil Moodle Partner, ADAPTA

July 21, 2017

Moodlers in Brazil!

Are you a site administrator, a developer or a teacher looking to find out more about the best way to administer, developer or use your Moodle site respectively?

We have good news!

ADAPTA, one of our Moodle Partners in Brazil (you can also find out more about them as one of our Certified Services Provider through our press release), are running three training courses aimed at each of the above Moodle users throughout September and October, to be held in São Paulo and Brasília.

Let’s have a closer look at each of these courses!

Moodle for Administrators

In this course, ADAPTA will go through a number of important content that are relevant for Moodle Administrators, including:

  • Installing and updating Moodle
  • Installing modules and plug-ins
  • Settings after installation
  • Languages ​​- Settings, Package Installation, and Customization
  • Location Parameterization
  • Appearance – Themes
  • Main Page Setup
  • Authentication Methods
  • User management
  • Course and category management
  • Registration Methods
  • Rules and Permissions
  • Website Appearance
  • Moodle Mobile
  • Security Reports
  • Performance
  • Backup
  • Administration Tools

The course is anticipated to take 16 hours to complete and will be held as a two day course in São Paulo (11 – 12 September) or in Brasília (5 – 6 October).

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Moodle for Developers

ADAPTA’s Moodle for Developers course was built and is offered by Daniel Neis, who has more than a decade of programming experience with Moodle.

Daniel is also a contributor to the core “Moodle” source code and plugins which are available to the Moodle community.

This course aims to train developers or others who perform tasks such as creating plugins (activities, reports, blocks) and have access to the main APIs that Moodle offers to perform various tasks.

After completing this course, participants will be able to build and modify plugins and also the core source code of Moodle.

Please note that this course is aimed at participants:

  • who already have some general programming knowledge and would like to know the main aspects of programming with Moodle
  • who are already programming with Moodle but have an interest in solidifying their knowledge.

The face to face training will occur from 11 – 14 September in São Paulo or from 3 – 6 October in Brasília.

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Moodle for Teachers

Teachers, would you like training from experienced Moodle users on how to create courses, use activities and many other powerful, flexible tools in your learning platform?

Check out ADAPTA’s Moodle for Teachers course, which will guide you through the following content:

  • Creation of categories and courses
  • Text editor
  • Navigation Block
  • Settings Block
  • Block management
  • Resource Usage: Files, Documents, Presentations, Links, etc.
  • Use of Activities: Forums, Chat, Choice, Glossary, Tasks, etc.
  • Restricted access
  • Conditional Activities
  • Activity Completion Tracking
  • Questionnaires and question bank
  • Grades
  • Student progress
  • Repositories
  • Portfolios
  • User Registration
  • User groups
  • Reuse of resources and activities
  • Backup, Restore, Import, and Course Reconfiguration

You can be a part of this course on 14 – 15 September in Sao Paulo or from 5 – 6 October in Brasília.

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