Moodle HQ descended into Mumbai for #MootIN17 and this happened!

December 20, 2017

f you have been following our global MoodleMoot news, you might have noticed that our last Moot for the 2017 year was in Mumbai, India, from 18 – 19 December.

And can we say, what a Moot to end the 2017 Moot season.

For two days, over 180 Moodlers across all regions of India gathered to inspire, share and empower others with creative ways that our open-source learning platform can be used.

A BIG thank you must go to our amazing event committee, made up of passionate local Moodle community, who gave up so much of their time and energy with so many aspects of our conference.

So, thank you’s go to:

  • Farhan Karmali
  • Meenakshi Choudhary
  • Sandeep Baghel
  • Sakshi Goel
  • Sashikala
  • Michelle Chawla

Now Moodlers, sit back and enjoy our two day recap of what happened when Moodle HQ descended into Mumbai for MoodleMoot India 2017.

Day 1 – keynote and amazing Moodle presentations

Excitement for the Moot started early on Monday 18 December, with our event committee and Moodle HQ staff up and early to set up at our venue at the Sahara Star!

Opening the first day of the Moot was our Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas, delivering an address on “empowering educators” and providing information on key projects at Moodle HQ, new things to look forward to in 2018 (and there are plenty…stay tuned for the video).

Martin spent some time challenging our audience about the power of open source, open education and open anything to provide quality opportunities and education as a basic human right.

After an empowering keynote, Moodlers from around the India took to the stage to share with the audience how our learning platform is being used in so many ways to solve many questions and challenges in education, socially and in companies.

Here are some of the presentations on Day 1:

  1. Moodle at DY Patil University – Presentation by Vrundan Jadhav (DY Patil University)
  2. Moodle and University Teaching-Learning Process in India presented by Dr Smita Shukla Director Alkesh Dinesh Modi Institute Mumbai University
  3. Making Legal Education Accessible – Our Experience with Moodle presented by Ms. Kalpana Yadav
  4. Moodle in Medical Education – Lessons from Flipped classroom study presented by Dr. Viveka S and Dr. Sudha M J
  5. USER-IP Mapping presented by Ms. Amrata Ramchandani, Ms. Kashmira Nagwekar and Prof. P Sunthar (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)
  6. Content creation to content moderation using Moodle presented by Mr. Giridharan Dhanasekar (Photon University)
  7. Development of Report Plugin presented by Dr. Urmila Pol (Shivaji University)
  8. Heartbeat mechanism in Moodle Quiz presented by Ms. Kashmira Nagwekar and Ms. Amrata Ramchandani (IIT Bombay)
  9. Breaking Barriers – Challenges of using Moodle at Elementary level presented by Ms. Michelle Chawla (Tamarind Tree)
  10. Moodle Course Search presented by Mr. Shashikant Vaishnav (Linux User Group Bikaner)

After inspiring presentations, our Moodlers were then introduced to our new Learn Moodle curriculum, by our Education Manager, Tom Murdock.

At the same time, our Moodle developers were treated to a dev jam session by our very own Moodle HQ devs, Sara Arjona and Ankit Agarwal.

The first day of #MootIN17 was closed by a presentation by our Education Advisor, Solange Lalonde, who showed us how to plan for success in a Moodle Course Design.

After a full day of learning…what else awaited on Day 2?

Day 2: learning followed by a Moodle Party

Day 2 of MoodleMoot India 2017 continued with the same buzz and excitement as the first day of the conference (and some singing).

First up on stage was our own Solange Lalonde taking the stage with a keynote on using inter-generational knowledge, innovation and transformational knowledge to improve our world.

Following on from Solange’s presentation, we were treated to even more inspiring presentations, first by our Moodlers in India:

  1. Creating Interactive Videos in Moodle Courses presented by Dr. Indira Koneru (Icfai Business School)
  2. Moodle Certified Course Creator presented by Dr. Ela Goyal
  3. Creating a chatbot in Moodle presented by Mr. Farhan Kamali
  4. Enhancing quality of learning services for distant, international and visually impaired learners by Dr Ambuja Salgaonkar (University of Mumbai)
  5. One School One Server: Imagining Open, Relevent and Decentralised LMS for every student presented by Hemant Babu (Nomad)
  6. Can Online Learning Transform Cancer Training in India? – a call for action presented by Dr. Indranil Mallick (Tata Medical Center)
  7. Challenges and Opportunities in Moodle adoption in Engineering Education presented by Prof. Abhijit A.M. (College of Engineering Pune)
  8. Moodle Tweaks presented by Mr. Nayan Velde (NIIT)

Then our own Moodle HQ staff got on stage to talk all things Moodle 3.4 and Moodle Mobile, before our chief Moodler took the question to the audience: “what new features would you like to see in Moodle?”

Following on from our sponsors sessions with our Moodle Partners, Vidya Mantra, eAbyass, and Ballistic Learning, we rounded off the second and final day of the Moot with a Dr Moodle session where attendees asked our Moodle HQ team their burning questions.

Thoughts on the Moots from our audience? We will let the Tweets do the talking:

A Moodle Party

We thought this section needs to have its own space!

What does a Moodle Party in India look like – well there’s food, drinks, dancing, music and more dancing. Straight out of a movie!

Here’s a video that describes it all:

Next: see you for MoodleMoot India 2018!

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See you all soon for another year of Moots!