The Innovet XR Dashboards project is a pioneering collaboration between Eummena, an EdTech and Premium Moodle Partner company, SupportSquare, a supplier specialising in XR, and Go! Schools, a large network of K-12 schools in Flanders, Belgium. This visionary initiative aims to integrate advanced tools into learning platforms, with a specific emphasis on merging Moodle LMS and an XR (extended reality) application platform. The project aims to improve course immersion by integrating interactive XR elements into the curriculum. This will enable learners to explore subjects more thoroughly through immersive experiences. The project seeks to enhance student understanding and retention by providing captivating simulations and virtual environments, which will turn the learning process into an interactive adventure.

While introducing the project to K-12 schools, it faced several challenges during its implementation process. One of them involved integrating XR technology into Moodle LMS. To accurately assess learning outcomes, the team had to manage complex data and ensure compatibility, especially with Learning Record Store (LRS), a central repository for tracking and monitoring student progress and performance. It was a significant technical challenge to ensure the accurate capture, storage, and retrieval of learning data, requiring innovative solutions and meticulous attention to detail. 

On the other hand, it was also found that many K-12 stakeholders in Flanders, Belgium were not familiar with XR technologies. Therefore, prior to launching the new XR dashboards and badge system, it was necessary to provide extensive training to educators and administrators. This was done to ensure they could effectively use the new technologies.

To address the challenge of integrating XR technology in Moodle LMS and ensure that educators can easily use it, a dedicated technical team comprising experts from Eummena, SupportSquare, and Go! Schools worked collaboratively. They worked towards extensive testing and iteration to achieve seamless compatibility and functionality. The project used advanced methods to collect, store, and find learning data in the LRS. This involved creating special ways to collect data and smoothly connect the XR application platform, LRS, and Moodle LMS. Also, stringent data security measures were implemented to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of student information in compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices.

To ensure that educators could effectively use the tools at their disposal and enhance student learning outcomes, they were provided with comprehensive training programs and ongoing support. These training initiatives included hands-on workshops, online tutorials, and instructional guides tailored to participants’ specific needs and skill levels. Ongoing support and professional development opportunities were provided to ensure continuous learning and skill enhancement, enabling a culture of innovation and collaboration within the educational community.

Specifically, educational competencies are delivered by the Flemish Ministry of Education, whereas professional skills are developed through VOLTA. VOLTA is a sector organisation dedicated to the electrical technology sector in Belgium, offering various forms of support including training, strategic advice, research, and additional benefits.

The ongoing testing of the Innovet XR Dashboards project is expected to bring positive results in student engagement and learning effectiveness in K-12 schools across Flanders, Belgium. Benefits include teachers being able to create immersive learning experiences tailored to students, which boosts motivation and participation in class. Using XR dashboards and badges could give teachers useful insights into student performance, helping them adjust their teaching methods and offer targeted help.

The project’s focus on training teachers is expected to pay off by increasing their confidence and skill in using new tools and technologies. This should make them better able to meet their students’ diverse learning needs, improving teaching quality in their classrooms.

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