Moodle reaffirms its mission to empower educators to improve our world

May 29, 2017 By Moodle

Moodle has been the world’s open source learning platform for over 15 years now since its inception in 2001.

When Moodle Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas, released Moodle as an open source learning platform, it was with an aim to empower educators with flexible and open tools that will enhance collaborative online learning.

Martin describes our open source project:

“Fundamentally our project is based on an idealistic view: we believe absolutely that truly open source projects such as Moodle supporting our education systems are the best way to distribute innovation globally and help educators create a better-educated and more connected human population on this planet of ours, while protecting fundamental human rights as well as local language and culture.”

As an organisation we have always valued the integral role that educators play in shaping and improving the lives of many learners and students.

Our work since 2001 to date, and beyond, is about collaboratively empowering teachers, trainers and all educators in their work.

This mission has been at the base of Moodle being the world’s open source learning platform, and the most widely used – in every country in the world by over 100 million registered users (we know of) and counting!

Continuing on with our mission from day one, Moodle HQ is pleased to reaffirm its official mission statement: empowering educators to improve our world.

Let’s go behind the scenes and listen to Moodle Founder and CEO, Martin, share more about our Mission.

We look forward to working together with you, all educators, and our global community to continue this mission.