Moodle selected among the winners of the G2 Best Software Awards 2024

February 26, 2024 By Barnana Sarkar

We are elated to announce that Moodle received the G2 Best Software Award for 2024! This thrilling achievement comes after rigorous evaluation among 176 products, with only 57 contenders meeting the criteria for consideration. Moodle stood out among them, earning recognition in the Education Products category, which encompasses Learning Management Systems (LMS), corporate learning solutions, online course providers, language learning platforms, and virtual classrooms.

Moodle’s win specifically falls within the LMS category, underscoring its steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional digital education and training solutions. This accolade reinforces Moodle’s position as a frontrunner in the educational technology sector, trusted by institutions, organisations, and educators worldwide.

Moodle offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance teaching and learning outcomes. From course management and content creation to assessment and collaboration tools, Moodle equips educators with everything they need to deliver engaging and interactive learning experiences. With support for multimedia content, interactive activities, grading tools, and more, Moodle empowers educators to create dynamic and immersive learning environments.

What are the G2 Best Software Awards?

The G2 Best Software Awards are an annual recognition of the world’s top software companies and products, determined through authentic and timely reviews from real users. G2, a leading business software review platform, employs a proprietary algorithm to generate more than 30 different lists based on verified user reviews and publicly available market presence data.

The rankings are divided into two main categories: software companies and products. The top 100 software companies are determined by a combination of Satisfaction and Market Presence scores, while the top 100 products are ranked based on reviews across all relevant categories.

Satisfaction is calculated as an aggregate score based on a company’s products across their assigned categories. These awards serve as a valuable resource for businesses and individuals seeking reliable and high-quality software solutions, providing insights based on real user experiences and market presence data.


Moodle’s victory in the G2 Best Software Awards 2024 is a testament to its ongoing commitment to excellence in digital education and training. With its versatility, robust feature set, scalability, community support, and commitment to accessibility, Moodle continues to be the preferred choice for educators, trainers, and organisations around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned educator, a corporate trainer, or a lifelong learner, Moodle invites you to join the millions of users who are transforming education and training with Moodle. Together, let’s continue to harness the power of technology to inspire, empower, and enrich the lives of learners worldwide.

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