Moodle welcomes Mexico based e-learning experts Emprove to the Moodle Partner Program

October 8, 2019

Moodle – the world’s open source learning platform welcomes Mexico based e-learning experts Emprove to the Moodle Partner Program.

Since 2013, Emprove has been an advocate for change in the education industry, focusing on improving access to training and education through technology, developing a quality product hosted using Moodle. Emprove’s dedication to e-learning has seen the organisation develop the content for complete bachelor’s programs, support more than 6000 students on Moodle-based platforms and conduct an annual training program nationwide with more than 12,000 training activities.

“After 10 years of experience and research with Moodle it is incredible to be part of a community that we admire. We deeply believe that for Emprove there will be a before and after of becoming a Moodle Partner. It will make that much difference.” says Armando Ramírez Velasco, CEO of Emprove.

By becoming a Certified Moodle Partner, Emprove is able to expand their access to a large community of Moodle users and will play an important role in the development and global reach of Moodle’s open source initiatives, principles and mission.

“It is great to see Moodle’s LATAM based Partner services expand as we welcome Mexico-based Partner Emprove to the Moodle Partner Program. Together with their experience and the support of Moodle HQ, we look forward to building a long lasting Partner relationship into the future.” Juan Lucca, Chief Commercial Officer, at Moodle.

Emprove offers a wide range of services to enhance e-learning across numerous industries. To view Emprove’s profile visit:

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About Emprove
At Emprove we are experts in elearning, supporting any project you wish to develop for distance education or training.

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