Challenge – Streamlining the online delivery of qualifications for the physical activity sector

Active IQ is one of the UK’s leading awarding organisations for the active leisure, learning and wellbeing sector. They are recognised and regulated by Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and CCEA, and their remit involves designing, testing, and awarding accredited qualifications to support the physical activity sector.

Active IQ had a learning management platform in place that they had worked with for several years. However, with growth in the number and diversity of courses they offer, Active IQ identified that they had outgrown their existing LMS and needed to implement a system that could streamline the delivery of their qualifications. With a focus on quality content delivery, Active IQ required a platform that could save administrative time and enable them to concentrate on and make more informed decisions around fine-tuning and evolving their content delivery.

Solution – A customised Moodle Workplace platform

Active IQ selected award-winning Moodle Certified Service Provider Titus to deliver a custom Moodle Workplace solution to meet Active IQ’s automation, reporting and multi-tenancy requirements. Key features of the customised platform include more significant levels of automation in the backend—freeing up stakeholders to focus on content creation and more detailed reporting capabilities to help identify what content types are most effective.

As Moodle Workplace goes beyond the basic content features of most enterprise learning management systems, Active IQ courses incorporate diverse activities that require Active IQ learners to engage with the learning content actively.

Results – Improved efficiencies and learner engagement

The Moodle Workplace platform custom designed for Active IQ has enabled the organisation’s Training Providers to deliver a more engaging learning experience with increased efficiencies. 

Active IQ’s new Moodle Workplace platform is now used by roughly 10,000 learners, of which approximately one in four access learning via a mobile device. The LMS hosts 300 courses split across 30 qualification programmes, supported by a library of over 4000 SCORM packages and other resources.

Active IQ has committed to working with Moodle Certified Partner Titus on plans to expand and grow the functionality of their Moodle platform. This will include an ‘Amazon like’ checkout experience for those purchasing courses and further development to the user experience design of the LMS.

 “The ongoing support we have had from Titus’ support team has been wonderful. Really quick responses to any questions no matter how trivial or complex they may be. It’s been a fantastic experience working with Titus to date.”

 James Clack, Head of Digital Learning, Active IQ


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