MoodleMoot Brasil: 20 editions of e-learning and supporting the local Moodle community

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On October 10 and 11, join the Brasilian Moodle Community and edtech experts in the e-learning conference MoodleMoot Brasil 2019 in São Luis – Maranhão.

MoodleMoot conferences are held around the world, with a focus on encouraging collaboration amongst Moodle users, educators and developers to share successful experiences and effective new advancements using the open source learning management system Moodle in the education and research fields

Since 2007, MoodleBrasil has been organising MoodleMoot Brasil and the upcoming MoodleMoot Brasil 2019 – São Luis is the 20th MoodleMoot celebrated in the country. We speak with Gilvan Marques, member of the Brasilian Moodle Community and co-founder of our Moodle Partner Adapta along Daniel Neis, also developer at Moodle HQ who is joining the interview as well.

Moodle HQ: Hello Gilvan and Daniel, and thank you for talking to us today. The Moodle Brasil community has been organising MoodleMoots for 13 years. Why do you think that an event like this, focused on open education, is important to have in the country?

Gilvan: It is important to disseminate the use of free software in Brazil, especially in the educational area, where proprietary software is expensive.

The use of Moodle in Brazil is in 4th place in worldwide use according to Moodle Stats. These events are important to maintain the culture of the use of the platform and show its features and news.

Moodle HQ: This year, Moodle Brasil is also celebrating two editions of the MoodleMoot conference. The first one was last April in São Paulo; what were the Community’s main take-aways from the event? What did they learn and talk about?

Daniel: Our speakers who collaborate with the events always bring relevant issues to the Brazilian Moodle community. In the recent Moot in São Paulo, we addressed a variety of topics, including systems integration, the future of education, content production, gamification, experiences and use cases of the Moodle platform among others. This was done through presentations and also through more practical mini-courses, so that delegates could apply what they learnt to their projects.

And, of course, we also updated the Community on the latest features of Moodle 3.7 and relevant features of previous versions, as well as the recent super news about Moodle Workplace, the MEC (Moodle Certification Program) and social networking MoodleNet.

You can see some videos of the event on our twitter channel and also on this youtube playlist.

Moodle HQ: The next MoodleMoot, in São Luís -Maranhão in October, is the 20th MoodleMoot Brasil! Congratulations on this anniversary! What are you planning for the event?

Daniel: Aside the traditional presentation on Moodle’s next release’s new features and fixes, and the hands-on session for beginners using MoodleCloud, we’ll repeat the workshop called “Moodle a good partner for the flipped classroom”, with Prof. Me. Rogério Santos Pedroso. It was a huge success at our last event in Sao Paulo. Other hot topics like H5P, Mobile Learning, User Experience, Moodle Workplace and Moodle Educator Certification will be part of our schedule.

Moodle HQ: How can Moodlers be up to date with the latest news and get involved in the event? 

Gilvan: We will be delighted to have Moodlers from all around Brasil -and from other countries too!- involved in the MoodleMoot.
Registrations and call for papers are now open in
the official website. Delegates can also subscribe to our news and updates in the Moodle Brasil Community webpage, follow us on Facebook and participate in our telegram group. Join us, our community is open!

MoodleMoot Brasil 2019

São Luis – Maranhão

10 – 11 October 2019
Universidade Estadual do Maranhão – UEMA

Submit your presentations and register for the event in the MootBR19 site.

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