The world’s open source learning platform is delivering the latest in Education Technology in India

November 7, 2017 By

In December, Edtech innovators, teachers, community leaders and advocates for open source learning will gather together in Mumbai, for a conference that aims to empower educators to improve our world.

Known around the globe as MoodleMoots, the conference gathers users of the world’s open source learning platform – Moodle – to collaborate and share best practices on projects/ideas that will make quality education accessible by all people.

MoodleMoot India 2017 will be held from 18-19 December at the Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai, and will feature presentations that truly showcase how Moodle’s powerful and open source platform is a cost-effective solution to empower educators to reach a wider audience of learners.

Moodle Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas, commented, “At Moodle HQ, we value education and see it as one of the most important tools for making our world a better and more equitable place to live in.”

“We also recognise that there is a need for an affordable, powerful and open source learning platform in India that can, in the right hands, help break down exclusions to quality education.”

“We have seen great examples of our platform being used in India in creative ways, such as organisations like Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education (IDIA) who are training underprivileged students to gain admissions to top law schools in the country and supporting them in their journey thereafter.”

“There are many ways where Moodle can empower our educators to make a change and improve the world we live in.”

“Moodle HQ is inviting existing users of our learning platform and those interested in making quality education accessible to join us at MoodleMoot India 2017 this December,” said Martin.

The two-day conference will also feature masterclasses and workshops, where participants are able to learn the latest powerful features and functionalities in Moodle and share their knowledge of what can be included in the platform to empower users.

Long time Moodle user, community advocate and one of the committee members for MoodleMoot India 2017, Farhan Karmali, also commented on the importance of attending the conference for anyone interested in the future of education in the country.

“Education is the need of the hour for India and Moodle is the perfect solution to empower educators to reach a wider audience so maximum number of students can benefit and gain access to quality education,” said Farhan.

“Moodle is open-source and thus presents a perfect cost effective solution to address the digital needs of educational institutes, it is also constantly evolving and keeps getting new features.”

“MoodleMoot India 2017 is a perfect event to witness the blending of a global community that is powering Moodle to make education accessible, discover how this powerful learning platform can deliver organisational and social objectives and find out the latest in edtech/e-learning.”

“The MoodleMoot India 2017 committee members encourage all Moodle users in the country and anyone in the e-learning field to take this opportunity and join us at this first-time conference held by Moodle HQ,” said Farhan.

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