Moodlers connect with the gradebook in week 3 of Learn Moodle 3.3

July 13, 2017

You know the saying goes: time flies when you are having fun!

It seems that is case with our Learn Moodle MOOC 3.3 which started on 19 June with over 5000 Moodlers from around the world joining us and now we are already on our last week of the course.

Just to recap, Learn Moodle is a free four week MOOC, designed, developed and run by us here at Moodle HQ.

During the MOOC we have been summarising what our participants learnt in week 1 “Getting started” and week 2 “Getting involved”.

In Week 3, our topic is titled “Making the grade.” In this top, Moodlers put their new skills to the test as they filled their practice course, contributed to forums and tested their knowledge in the quiz.

Let’s find out more…

Assessing and evaluating

Learn Moodle participants started week 3 by reading the Moodle book: Assessing and Evaluating. They were then instructed to add a quiz or to their practice course – many enthusiastic Moodlers added both!

Our assignment activity in Moodle provides a space where students can submit work for teachers to grade and give feedback on.

The quiz activity module allows teachers to design and build quizzes consisting of a large variety of question types, including multiple choice, true-false, and short answer questions.

How learners access a course

Using the Moodle book, our participants also discovered how learners access their courses.

  • Students can create their own accounts, then find and enrol themselves into their chosen courses.
  • Teachers can automatically enrol all their learners into their course.
  • Selected courses may able be accessible via guest access.

Learn Moodle participants were then shown how to enable self-enrolment into their practice courses.

Feedback from forums

Once activities were added to courses, participants started to share them with other Moodlers in a new forum discussion titled “Show us your Moodle course.”

By pasting the link to their practice course, all Learn Moodle participants were able to enrol in each other’s course/s and provide feedback.

Here are some of the interactions that happened in the forum discussion:

Sharing courses also meant that participants can help one another and spot errors in the setup of the courses – the true spirit of our collaborative and generous Moodle community – as indicated below:

Food for Moodlers

What better way to learn and use the Database activity in Moodle than using food?
In week 3, Moodlers were also tasked with practising with the Database by adding a recipe to the “Food for Moodlers” database.

Here’s one delicious recipe we spotted!

As with all other weeks, week 3 of Learn Moodle MOOC ended with a quiz that recapped all the things learnt and discovered during this period.

Participants also had the option of completing a mobile learning quiz if they wanted to and trying out an assignment from the mobile app.

The feedback continues in our Learn Moodle Blog

Our eager and enthusiastic participants continue to share their thoughts and experiences of the MOOC in our Learn Moodle blog.

We’re very happy to read many positive comments centred around learning new things, seeing possibilities for enhancing current and future learning environments with Moodle and in general just enjoying our MOOC.

Thanks again Moodlers for joining us for Learn Moodle MOOC 3.3!

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