New features in Moodle Mobile 3.3 make mobile learning more and more accessible!

May 26, 2017 By

A little over a week since Moodle 3.3 was released (15 May), we are pleased to announce that Moodle Mobile 3.3 version is now available for download on Google Play and, in a few days, on the Apple App Store.

In this updated version, we have continued to focus on improving user experience and performance so that learners can access more and more of their studies on their mobile device.

Moodle Mobile Team Leader, Juan Leyva, highlighted five major new features and improvements available in Moodle Mobile 3.3.

“In this release, there are a number of new features that will benefit students and all Moodle Mobile App users to get more of their studies, communications and learning done directly on their phones or tablets.”

New features for Moodle Mobile 3.3 include:

Get more things done on your mobile devices through increased student support!

  • In Moodle 3.3 there will be 93% student support for activities, so that they can access more and more of their study directly on their mobile devices.
  • Feedback and Lesson activities are now able to be completed in the App!
  • Future improvements to Moodle Mobile will see all activities (except Workshop) supported in the 3.3.1 release and in 3.4 being 100% supported.

Faster and easier access to all systems you need via one log in

  • Moodle Mobile 3.3 integration with Facebook, Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office means easier, faster access to all of the learning tools that users need, and the ability to open documents from other systems while on your Moodle site.
  • If an administrator enables OAuth2 on their Moodle site, mobile learners are then able to log in via G-Suite, MS Office or Facebook to access all their courses and activities.

Better view of your course progress so you always know what’s been done or coming up for your studies

  • The improved dashboard on the web version of Moodle 3.3 is also accessible via Moodle Mobile 3.3!
  • Course overview is displayed in the app so you can view your course progress anytime and see which assignments you need to complete.
  • You can also easily filter current, past and future courses directly on the app.

Get more control on how you would like to receive and access communications on your mobile device!

  • In Moodle Mobile 3.3, you can now use the search functionality to look for the messages you need and want, faster and easier!
  • Moodle Mobile users can now also enjoy the ability to turn off notification sounds through their notifications preferences setting.

Enjoy the ability to give important communications items a prominent spot in the app

  • Teachers, you can now pin forum posts from within the App so they stay at the top of the list of forum discussions.

While most of the new features will only be accessible in Moodle 3.3 sites, a few are available in earlier Moodle version with the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin. You can find out what new features are compatible with previous versions through our Moodle Mobile 3.3 release notes.

So if you need assistance to upgrade your Moodle site first, we recommend you contact your local Moodle Partner.

Juan also noted that organisations can also access all of these latest functionalities and stability of Moodle Mobile combined with their own custom branding through the Branded Moodle Mobile App.

“The Branded Moodle Mobile App has been a popular choice for organisations who use Moodle and make their courses available on the mobile app but would like to add their own personalised branding.”

“It is also a hassle-free solution because the Branded App is fully supported and maintained by Moodle.”

More information on the Branded Moodle Mobile App can be accessed via our website or by contacting your local Moodle Partner.

We hope that you enjoy all the new features and the benefits they bring to the new version of Moodle Mobile. Let us know what you think through our social channel or Moodle Mobile forum discussions.