We’re off to a flying start with Learn Moodle MOOC 3.3.

June 30, 2017

Learn Moodle MOOC 3.3 started on Monday 19 June with over 5000 people registered!

In the course, we have been greeting, working and learning together with Moodlers from around the world, each with varying skills and experiences with our open source platform.

We also welcome back experienced Moodlers and some Moodle Partners who are always at hand to helping with questions, discussions and requests for assistance in our forums.

So, what have we and our Learn Moodle participants been up to in the first week of the course?

Week one is titled “Getting started with Moodle.”

During this time, participants were encouraged to introduce themselves on the Learn Moodle forum by creating a discussion topic and replying to another discussion. This was an opportunity for Moodlers to get to know one another and understand how to post in forums.

During these “get to know each other” sessions, we also saw the breadth of Moodlers from around the world participating.

Here, Moodle HQ’s Community Educator, Mary Cooch, talks to a Russian Moodler.

The forum discussions also gave participants the opportunity to discuss their Moodle experiences, share best practices and say what they hope to gain from Learn Moodle – from refreshing skills to learning something new!

Next up, participants were encouraged to complete tutorials on setting up a Moodle course and adding blocks.

“Setting up your course” covered topics such as navigation, dashboard, course layout, personalisation and more.

Meanwhile in “how to add blocks,” we explain that blocks are segmented items which can be added to Moodle desktop courses. Here participants found out about the different ways in which blocks can be used in Moodle sites.

Moodlers tested their new skills by adding two blocks to the side of their course and changing two topic section names. They were reminded to think carefully about adding blocks since the mobile app does not display them.

Throughout week one (and indeed the course) participants are encouraged to post in the “any questions about week one” forum, where other Moodlers and Moodle HQ staff help with advice and answers.

Participants also had the option of requesting a practise course. Although this wasn’t a mandatory task, it was encouraged as it gave Moodlers the opportunity to practice the skills they learnt during week one.

This experienced Learn Moodle participant explained the benefits of requesting a practice course.

So what do our participants think of Learn Moodle MOOC 3.3 so far? These Moodlers shared their thoughts in blog entries at learn.moodle.net.

If you would like to join Moodle’s four week MOOC, there’s still time to sign up at learn.moodle.net.