Streamline your content creation with Moodle Certified Integration TinyMCE Premium

September 14, 2023 By Moodle

TinyMCE has been approved as a Moodle Certified Integration, offering advanced Premium rich text editing features. Tiny Technologies is the creator of TinyMCE, the trusted WYSIWYG component that powers 100M+ projects worldwide. Its open-source and premium offerings have helped SaaS companies, large enterprises, content creators and publishers to launch, grow and scale their businesses.

About TinyMCE

TinyMCE is a powerful, flexible rich-text editor that provides users with a user-friendly interface to create formatted content. It is also now a permanent part of the core and will act as the default editor in new installations of Moodle 4.2 onwards.

Carles Aguiló-Collado, Technology Partner Manager at Moodle, says: “TinyMCE is an obvious addition to our Certified Integrations program. From Moodle version 4.2, TinyMCE steps in as your default text editor! And moreover, starting from version 4.3, you get both the open source TinyMCE and the ability to upgrade to TinyMCE Premium to boost your content output.

Why choose TinyMCE Premium?

The key benefits of using TinyMCE Premium are increased productivity, engagement and outputs, with fewer support tickets, and speeding up product launch or publishing cycles. 

TinyMCE is easy to integrate into your tech stack using 14+ popular frameworks and can be customised using its 400+ APIs. You have full access to the source code, which makes it suitable for both advanced customisations and ready-to-use applications. 

Here are some key benefits of  TinyMCE Premium for your content creation and workflows:

  • Improve your content creation workflows: Boost productivity, engagement, and output, leading to stronger collaborations, fewer support tickets, and reduced reliance on IT support.
  • Simplify your content creation process: Whether you’re creating documents, websites, or other content, enjoy features like 99.9% accurate copy-pasting, multi-language spell-checking, and easy table formatting.
  • Streamline content transfer: Effortlessly copy content from sources like MS Word, Google Docs, Excel, and HTML without disrupting the underlying HTML code, ensuring a seamless transfer.
  • Tailor it to your needs: Customise TinyMCE Premium to fit your specific requirements, including the option to modify and sell your version with enhanced features.

Kate Bazilevskaya, the Head of Partnerships at Tiny says: “Joining the Moodle community as a Certified Integration Partner is an exciting step forward for the TinyMCE team. It helps us share our advanced Premium features with Moodle service partners and users, so they can build, create and achieve much more with the Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace.”


By complementing the editor in Moodle with the TinyMCE Premium upgrade, you can tap into additional functionalities that enhance the efficiency of your content creation processes. The Premium features version comes with a range of advanced plugins that give you more content creation and editing functionality and support teachers, course designers, experts, and administrators in managing all content within their platform.

Ready to explore the benefits of TinyMCE Premium?

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