Top highlights to anticipate at MoodleMoot Global 2023

September 13, 2023 By Barnana Sarkar

We are only a few days away from the most awaited event of the year! MoodleMoot Global 2023 will provide a range of professional learning and networking opportunities for Moodle enthusiasts from around the world. This year’s program will cover keynote presentations, community sessions, workshops and hands-on sessions, as well as social and networking events. 

As we are all set to head to Barcelona from 19  to 21 September, in this blog we will share the latest updates from the event and other top highlights to look forward to. Keep reading!

Brickfield Education Labs joins as a Gold Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Moodle Certified Integration Partner,  Brickfield Education Labs has joined us as the Gold Sponsor for MoodleMoot Global 2023! Brickfield Education Labs helps organisations find, fix and future-proof their content with tools that automate expensive manual processes and build capacity and awareness.

The Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit helps organisations check and fix accessibility issues in their online courses on the Moodle platform. It makes editing easier and helps create files that everyone can access.

Must-see presentations at MoodleMoot Global 2023

How does AI-generated content impact academic integrity? Interested in the essential components of lifelong learning? Wondering if games can change how we address social issues? These are just a few of the top highlights on the agenda for the event. 

With the overarching theme of ‘Lifelong Learning’, here are some top presentations you can’t afford to skip at this year’s MoodleMoot Global:

Lifelong intelligence

​​Martin Dougiamas, the Founder and CEO of Moodle, is a distinguished speaker and EdTech visionary. In his upcoming keynote address, he will offer insights into the present landscape of AI in education. During his presentation, Martin will outline the existing AI opportunities and share his predictions for the future of Moodle and the broader field of learning management.

Austrian Federal Education Portal – Moodle goes E-Gov

The Austrian government is actively implementing a comprehensive e-government strategy, which now includes Moodle as part of its education portal launched in 2023. Prior to this, Austria had been developing a national Moodle learning platform since 2017, called, which ranks among the world’s 100 largest Moodle instances.

Moodle was chosen for the education portal due to its modular design and commitment to open-source licenses. Its purpose is to serve as a foundation for various functions, facilitating the integration of third-party applications through widgets and managed interfaces via an Educational Technology Hub. It also includes E-Government applications such as digital official signatures, a dual delivery system, and a resilient long-term archive for official documents.

This presentation, by Robert Schrenk from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research, will highlight the current project results and is intended to provide space for discussion on the extent to which cross-national collaboration can take place on this topic.

Revolutionising vocational education through digital transformation – Tales from the MësoVET project in Albania

Albina Bardhi, the Chief Technology Officer at, will be discussing the evolution and impact of MësoVET, a platform tailored for Albanian vocational education and training (VET) schools. It was initiated by the Skills for Jobs (S4J) project by Swisscontact to tackle the persistent issue of the lack of learning materials for professional courses in Albania. 

In a collaboration with Moodle partner from Greece WIDE Services, integrated Moodle Workplace to develop school-specific digital ecosystems. MësoVET boasts over 500 courses and has a user base of more than 14,000, highlighting its growing influence and role in promoting innovation within Albania’s VET education system.

Evoke Game in Moodle – Outputs and experience from the World Bank’s Evoke Project

Launched by the World Bank in 2010, Evoke is an educational experience developed to motivate students in Africa to solve urgent social problems such as hunger, poverty, and climate change, among others.  It uses project-based learning, game mechanics, graphic novel content, and storytelling content to engage students and inspire them to find solutions to global challenges. 

In his presentation, William Mano Araujo, Consultant of Product and Technology at the World Bank, will highlight how the World Bank Group created an immersive and collaborative gamified environment in Moodle for Evoke. 

Lifelong Learning – UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) bolsters the capabilities of Member States to establish inclusive lifelong learning policies and systems in line with Sustainable Development Goals. They aim to craft learning environments that encompass every life stage, across varied settings, benefiting all individuals. This is achieved by strengthening local and national capacities, nurturing collaborations, and offering invaluable data and insights.

We will have with us Rakhat Zholdoshalieva who is a Team leader for the Quality Learning Ecosystems Programme at the UIL in Hamburg, Germany. In her role, Rakhat directs initiatives and projects on literacy, educators, and lifelong learning technologies. In her keynote, Rakhat will focus on the theme of Lifelong Learning: Past, present and future. She will also touch upon the UN and UNESCO’s efforts in advancing global goals and initiatives related to lifelong learning.

Join us for MoodleMoot Global 2023!

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