We’ve Joined UNESCO’s COVID-19 Education Coalition

March 31, 2020 By

Moodle joins a global Coalition of organisations driven by UNESCO to mitigate the disruption to education caused by Covid-19.

Since 2002, Moodle has become a standard learning platform for nearly two-thirds of universities, as well as countless schools around the world. Driven by hundreds of thousands of educators worldwide, it’s used in 180 languages and dialects and in every country of the world.

Today we’re proud to become part of The Global Education Coalition, an open partnership facilitated by UNESCO formed in response to COVID-19, to ensure the continuity of education for all learners. What binds the coalition is a commitment to help countries assure the inclusive and equitable provision of distance education.

Moodle is open source, non-proprietary software. Our platform allows teachers to create quality online classrooms using a mix of asynchronous activities such as forums, quizzes, and assignments with live sessions through a variety of integrated conferencing tools.

With over 80 Certified Partners around the world who provide Moodle services like hosting, maintenance or training, the network of support for those using Moodle platforms is widely available. Combined with over 1600 plugins developed by our community that extend the functionality of Moodle, we’re undoubtedly the world’s most popular learning platform, and the one with the most teaching tools.

We’re extremely proud to be joining the COVID-19 Education Coalition organised by UNESCO, the coordinated and innovative action to unlock solutions supporting students and teachers alike, through both the current crisis and the recovery process. We’re looking forward to working closely with UNESCO and other coalition members to help ensure learning for all learners to continue during this difficult time.” Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO, Moodle.

We believe that education software should be open and free, and that’s how we’ve created Moodle. One of our key measurements of success is having a platform designed to work in a wide variety of environments, including those where there is limited internet connection or perhaps no internet connection at all, and it’s stories like Abdikadir Abikar from Kenya, which inspire us to keep on growing.

Our MoodleCloud service is currently giving classrooms to thousands of new schools and teachers every day offering students flexible learning options from their location.

Now more than ever, in this time of crisis, we and our global community of educators and partners are ready to apply our experience towards creating open e-learning solutions for anyone in need.