Your learners are mobile, so is our LMS

January 19, 2021 By Júlia Verdaguer

Moodle App: Our mobile LMS empowers your learners to collaborate and learn from their favourite devices

Today we’re using our smartphones for a number of activities, from finding information to playing games to watching our favourite shows and even for ordering food. For most of us, our mobile devices are a way to stay informed and connected. Our Moodle App ensures your learners can stay on top of their learning, remain connected with their studies and collaborate with their peers (even when there is no internet connection!) 

From viewing Moodle courses on their smartphones, to working and submitting their assignments, replying to Forums or chatting with their classmates, the App version of our Moodle LMS allows you to empower your students to collaborate and learn from their devices. Plus, our exclusive Moodle App push notifications ensure that your learners will never miss an important deadline or information around their courses. 

Our Moodle App also supports offline learning for many Moodle activities and resources because we know that not everyone has access to the internet all the time. Take a look at all the student features that are available for mobile learning on the Moodle App, our LMS for mobile learning:   

Moodle App. Full support for Moodle resources to browse, download and work offline: book, file, folder, IMSCP, label, page, URL. Full support for Activities to browse, submit, download and work offline: assignment, choice, database, feedback, forum, glossary, H5P, lesson, quiz, SCORM, survey, wiki, Workshop. Support for Activities to browse and submit: chat, external tools.