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Avetica is your dedicated Moodle Partner and offers full Moodle services for corporate companies, non-profit, higher education as well as small business.



Our consultants are all Moodle experts and will help you to configure Moodle in a way that best suits your learning process. With broad pedagogical experience they will advise you on core Moodle and the use of (community) plugins. Our consultants are your partner during a successful implementation.


In close cooperation with you, we will create an interactive learning process that meets your learning goals. We develop e-learning content using Moodle resources & activities, H5P and quality authoring tools.


We will create a customised Moodle site for your business. If the standard and community Moodle plugins are not sufficient our team can develop additional Moodle plugins in close cooperation with your business.


Don’t worry about good hosting of your Moodle site – that is what Avetica is all about! Hosting is done within a private cloud in a professional datacenter in the Netherlands which has a dedicated design for Moodle hosting. Safety and performance is key in our hosting.


Installing Moodle is our core business. We always use the latest version and installation of your Moodle site can be done within days.


Avetica has extensive experience integrating Moodle with other systems. For example, student information systems, gamification systems, HR-systems and virtual classrooms.


Avetica has dedicated staff for support. Our colleagues will help you on the phone or via email with any question or issue you might have with your Moodle site.


A corporate branded Moodle site is crucial for a successful implementation. Avetica will develop a Moodle theme based on your style guide.


With more than 16 years of Moodle experience we know every corner of Moodle! Our drive is to teach you how Moodle works so you can take control. We offer in-company training as well as open registration training within our Avetica Academy.

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