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COURSEMOS is the life-long education company focused on educational solutions, contents and services for ubiquitous learning.



COURSEMOS localized the basic UI and UX of Moodle to realize an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. This helps users access the system from various devices including mobile and multiple web browsers. It provides instructors the latest teaching and learning theory like MOOCs or Flipped Learning, as well as the conventional theories.

Learners are more efficient and active learning participants.

System administrators are able to manage the learning platform widely and easily.


Based on the open-source LMS Moodle, COURSEMOS has become the best localized and advanced LMS for the Korean education field. Through cooperation with Ubion, our partners as well as Moodle users around the world, our aim is to achieve more value than could be delivered by a single company.

Unlike conventional learning management systems which only manage online classrooms, the integrated learning platform COURSEMOS supports overall management which results in more effective learning. Based on constructivism theory which puts emphasis on interaction between participants, COURSEMOS provides effective learning resources and activities with many functions for convenient teaching, effective learning, and integrated administration, delivering optional solutions.

  • Technical support through Help Desk
  • Workshops in on/offline learning
  • Provide various manuals according to the user role
  • Support communities for improving Moodle
  • Consult usage on COURSEMOS

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