Ans joins Moodle as a Certified Integration Partner: Simplifying assessment for educators

March 6, 2024 By Barnana Sarkar

We are thrilled to announce that Ans, a pioneering web-based assessment platform,  is now a Moodle Certified Integration Partner. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower educators with innovative solutions for assessment.

At Moodle, we provide educators with the tools to create engaging and effective learning experiences. By partnering with Ans, we are taking a step forward in achieving this goal. 

The benefits of Ans

Ans’s intuitive platform offers educators a seamless solution for creating, grading, and managing assignments, aligning perfectly with Moodle’s commitment to enhancing teaching and learning practices.

Enhanced flexibility and accessibility 

One of the key benefits of the Ans platform is its flexibility and accessibility. Educators can effortlessly transition between paper-based and digital exams, providing students with a variety of assessment options to suit their individual needs. Ans offers a range of accessibility features, ensuring that every student, regardless of their abilities, can fully participate in the assessment process.

Collaborative approach

With Ans, educators have the capability to collaborate with colleagues in crafting exercises collaboratively, enabling them to establish a comprehensive question bank over time. They can also reuse exercises which simplifies the process of generating assignments. Educators can leverage tags and learning objectives to ensure exercises are aligned with their curriculum objectives. Ans offers a diverse range of question types, catering to various assessment needs, whether for handwritten, digital, or hybrid assignments. Furthermore, thanks to Ans’s versatile functionality, educators can conduct formative and summative assessments effortlessly.

Automated grading system

Educators can take advantage of Ans’s automated grading system for most question types, simplifying the assessment process significantly. For open-ended questions, collaboration with colleagues allows for efficient marking, ensuring thorough evaluation of student responses. Furthermore, educators have the flexibility to assign reviewers to assess assignments either per student or per question, facilitating a streamlined reviewing process. 

Ans also offers organizational convenience by allowing educators to easily organize paper-based exams per student using a smart QR code system. With closed-ended questions automatically graded and the ability to mark and publish paper-based exams online, educators can manage assessments seamlessly. Ans enables educators to divide reviewing tasks among colleagues effortlessly, promoting efficient and collaborative assessment practices.

About Ans

Ans is a versatile web-based assessment platform designed to cater to the needs of both students and educators. Offering seamless assessment solutions, Ans allows users to evaluate students through both traditional paper-based methods and digital platforms. Whether educators prefer to assess students on paper or digitally, Ans provides the tools necessary to design, grade, and publish results online efficiently. By automating grading processes, Ans streamlines assessment tasks, allowing educators to save valuable time and focus their efforts on teaching.

We are excited about the joint journey where Moodle and Ans are committed to providing the best assessment experience for educators globally. 

Kerim Haccou, Co-founder & Director of Ans, shares our excitement, stating, “We are proud to join the Moodle Certified Integration Partner program. Ans wants to make assessing satisfying for every educator around the world. Together with Moodle, we aim to enhance the quality and accessibility of global education.”

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