Ariox and CCI Increase Training & Compliance Efficiency with Moodle Workplace by Moonami

April 12, 2021 By Júlia Verdaguer
Cooper Companies Inc (CCI) is a global manufacturing and internet enterprise based in the US that includes several companies with different departmental structures and a wide variety of learning needs.
Building an eLearning ecosystem for a complex business structure

With over 100 new employees per year and hundreds of permanent employees globally, including field operators, CCI was in need of a workplace LMS to manage all their eLearning and compliance. 

CCI needed their LMS to fit in with the different organisational and departmental structures of their companies and to have robust reporting tools to measure learning across the whole organisation. Their corporate LMS also had to offer a wide range of authoring tools for different instruction methodologies and learning styles, as well as accommodate peer-to-peer, online, live in-person and social learning.

A cost-effective, customisable multi-tenant LMS 

Along with their consultants Ariox, who have a team of experienced educators, CCI analysed 20 marketplace LMS systems to find the best solution for their company goals and learning challenges, finally selecting Moodle Workplace implemented and hosted by our Certified Premium Moodle Partner, Moonami.

CCI now has a separate learning environment for each of their companies that allows the seamless assignment of unique courses to each organisation, while also being able to share common coursework between companies. Supervisors at CCI can easily track and monitor the progress of their employees utilising the powerful reporting capabilities of Moodle Workplace. Finally, CCI has been able to integrate their Moodle Workplace LMS with their existing business analytics tools to make the most of their eLearning data.

One-stop shop for training and compliance

The result is a corporate LMS that enables CCI to streamline and manage all their eLearning from one central system, including onboarding, compliance, professional development, learning culture and role-based training amongst others.

“As Director of Learning and Business Development, I am very pleased with our decision to partner with Moonami and to build our learning ecosystems in Moodle Workplace. Both decisions have brought highly enhanced value to learning at Ariox and CCI at a reasonable price point and with the broad functionality outlined in our requirements.” – Deborah Benson, Ariox

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