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November 28, 2023 By Barnana Sarkar

Moodle is used by 350+ million users globally in the K-12, higher education, vocational training, and workplace learning industries. As the Moodle ecosystem continues to expand, there is a growing demand for continuous upskilling and staying up-to-date with the latest updates

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate user, Moodle Academy offers learning pathways for educators (including workplace trainers), administrators, and developers. These pathways provide the necessary skills and knowledge needed to keep up with the growing number of Moodle sites. By completing an individual course, learners receive a badge, and by completing a whole program, which comprises a series of courses, you will have the option to purchase a certificate at a minimum fee. 

Educator Learning Pathway

The Educator learning pathway is designed for teachers, workplace trainers and instructional designers who want to enhance their teaching skills using Moodle. It is a step-by-step program that takes you from the basics of teaching with Moodle to preparing you for the Moodle Educator Certification program. You can either take comprehensive self-paced programs or select individual short courses. It provides courses for a basic level as well as for the intermediate level. 

The Moodle Teaching Basics program is designed for beginners who want to learn about the basics of teaching in Moodle. It relates to competencies such as teaching and accessibility and inclusion. The intermediate-level Moodle Teaching Skills program helps you focus on the best teaching practices. It can also help you prepare for the Moodle Educator Certificate.

What is Moodle Educator Certification?

The Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) program is an international program designed for educators or L&D professionals who already have experience in teaching or training with Moodle LMS or Moodle Workplace. The program is offered by authorised Moodle Certified Partners and Service Providers

Based on the European Framework for the Digital Competence for Educators (DigCompEdu), the six-course certification program provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in teaching, creating and managing learning development programs with Moodle LMS or Moodle Workplace. This is an opportunity to obtain official certification directly from Moodle and enhance your reputation with official recognition for your skill at managing courses and users in a Moodle environment.

To find out if you qualify for the program, you can take the Are you ready for the MEC? Quiz.

Administrator Learning Pathway

The Moodle Administrator learning pathway can help you become proficient in all aspects of site administration, starting from the basics if you are new to Moodle or MoodleCloud. You have the option to choose courses that match your interests, expertise, and availability. You can either take a comprehensive self-paced program or select individual short courses.

In the Moodle Admin Basics Program for beginners, you’ll focus on managing users and courses using the admin interface. The free short course program aims to help you grasp the essentials of administering a Moodle site. You’ll explore crucial administration settings, site admin presets, reports, and basic file management. The courses cover adding and managing courses, understanding course editing, and the process of adding teachers and learners to both the site and courses. The program also delves into site administration features like themes, competencies, badges, and plugins.

The Moodle Admin Skills Program follows on from the Moodle Admin Basics Program. It allows you to learn to configure Moodle core features, plugins and certified integrations, with consideration of relevant laws, policies and standards. It focuses on how to develop the best admin practices, such as user management and enrolment, reporting, app configuration and data protection.

Developer Learning Pathway

The Developer learning pathway is designed to acquaint PHP developers with essential Moodle development concepts. In the Moodle Developer Basics Program, tailored for beginners, you will focus on foundational development tasks. It is structured to guide you through the basics of developing Moodle, providing instructions for creating your own Moodle plugin. 

If you’re already a Moodle developer, the intermediate courses that are available will help you refresh and deepen your knowledge of Moodle plugin architecture and APIs. There are another three intermediate-level courses in development, which will be released in the coming months. These will form the new intermediate-level Moodle Developer Skills program, which will help you enhance your understanding of Moodle development practices.

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