MediaTouch solidifies its status as a Certified Moodle Partner by achieving Premium Partnership

June 16, 2020 By Moodle

Our comprehensive Moodle Partner ecosystem has been built to support organisations with complimentary high-quality solutions and services to get the best outcomes from a Moodle learning environment.

We welcome MediaTouch, one of our oldest existing Moodle Moodle Partners, to our top-tier Moodle Certified Premium Partner program.

MediaTouch has been providing elearning services for over twenty years with the mission of empowering educators with meaningful learning and the vision to pursue this goal in the smoothest way possible.

“We are extremely excited to have MediaTouch become a Certified Premium Moodle Partner. This will most definitely increase Moodle’s footprint not only in the corporate space, but also in the public sector where the features and functionality of our unique Moodle Workplace, blended with MediaTouch’s extensive expertise and professionalism, go perfectly hand-in-hand.” – José Marcos López-Ríos, EMEA Channel Manager, Moodle.

A leading supplier of expertise and experience in the education space, MediaTouch are also strong supporters of the Moodle Workplace platform, holding the belief in its ability to deliver real, outstanding resources for enterprises and organisations. This is reflected in their customer base, ranging from enterprises such as Sidel Group and Menarini Pharmaceutical Industries, to corporate organisations such as the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), where they recently delivered a brand new global elearning academy portal built on Moodle.

“Since the early 2000s, we have trusted in the Moodle platform’s great potential and open-source model, choosing it when Moodle wasn’t yet what Moodle is today. We have always believed in the importance of the Partnership Program, and align ourselves with Moodle’s ethos. So, today, for these reasons, we are so happy and proud to become a Certified Moodle Premium Partner” – Andrea Bicciolo, Co-Founder of MediaTouch

In 2020, due to the increase in demand for online learning and remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic, MediaTouch have supported many of their customer organisations to successfully scale their elearning sites to accommodate the sudden surge in users.

MediaTouchs’s expertise in Moodle scalability has ensured that all their customers have been able to continue teaching and learning online with no service disruption.

“Notably, we managed a large university which surpassed 70,000 logins per day, and the Italian National Health Institute, which specifically launched Covid-19 related courses and scaled from 50,000 users to about 400,000 in just one week”. – Andrea Bicciolo, Co-Founder of MediaTouch

In addition, MediaTouch has seen a wave of new commercial interest, coming from more traditional classroom course providers and local regulations enforcing synchronous online environments for certain types of training.

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