Moodle Certified Integration SMOWL introduces new updates to meet the evolving needs of Moodle users

November 27, 2023 By Barnana Sarkar

SMOWL,  the online proctoring software developed by Smowltech, which became a Moodle Certified Integration in August, has been helping educators and trainers maintain integrity and fairness in assessment through their reliable proctoring software. Smowltech has recently introduced updates for SMOWL, featuring a new space for users and partners mySmowltech. This enhancement provides improved flexibility and ease of use, empowering users to personalise their proctoring experience.

What is mySmowltech?

mySmowltech is designed to enable users and partners of the platform to manage their software experience. Users can review software usage, generate supervision reports, perform student registration and exam result checks, manage licenses and automatically upgrade and downgrade their plans. It provides Moodle’s users with the ability to test any functionality before integrating it into their Moodle platform. 

mySmowltech simplifies license and proctoring management in Moodle, saving both time and resources. With its enhanced supervision and reporting capabilities, users now have more precise control over the evaluation process.

How do you benefit from these updates?

These updates in SMOWL, which are available on mySmowltech, represent a significant advancement in usability, ensuring a more efficient and transparent proctoring experience in Moodle. Users can manage all functionalities and directly download SMOWL’s plugins, integrating them into their Moodle platforms. 

SMOWL also offers a free trial period on mySmowltech to explore the functionalities without any commitment. The trial lasts for 21 days and provides access to 25 licenses. Users can evaluate the functionalities in a real learning environment, which provides an opportunity to understand how their proctoring solution can be tailored to the user’s specific needs before making a purchasing decision. 

SMOWL’s update simplifies the process of obtaining and testing a proctoring solution, eliminating the complications of vendor interaction. The initiative aims to make SMOWL’s proctoring solution more user-friendly and accessible worldwide, with a self-service approach that is suitable for organisations of any size. 


Try out mySmowltech or find out more about SMOWL, our Certified Integration for online proctoring.

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