Moodle adds Urkund Plagiarism Detection Software to its suite of Certified Integrations

October 1, 2020 By Júlia Verdaguer

Moodle announces the certification of Urkund by Ouriginal, a market-leading similarity detection tool, as the newest Certified Integration for the world’s most popular open source learning platform, Moodle LMS.    

Urkund’s automatic text-recognition system helps detect, prevent and handle potential plagiarism in any language. It checks submitted work against content from publishers like BMJ, Wiley, Springer, Tayloe & Francis, and others, as well as a thorough content database archived over decades from academically published materials, previously submitted student documents and the Internet. A comprehensive report with insights is generated and delivered to educators so that they can assess if any plagiarism has occurred or not.      

By recognising Urkund as a Certified Integration, Moodle certifies that Ouriginal’s software integrates seamlessly with the Assignment, Forum and Workshop activities in the Moodle LMS and provides educators with a fast, easy and accurate tool to detect plagiarism within the Moodle learning platform. 

Sander Bangma, Product Manager Moodle LMS, says, “We’re excited to add the Urkund Plagiarism Detection Software to our suite of Certified Integrations. In doing so we are providing our users worldwide with a trusted tool to check submitted documents for similarities against a library of millions of sources. Moodle is pleased to be working together with Urkund on this initiative.”

“With the move to a digital learning environment this year, we have seen a huge increase in document submissions to Urkund. This confirms the growing importance of a flexible, intuitive and high-quality plagiarism detection tool integrated within the LMS. We are delighted to partner with Moodle and proud of their endorsement of our efforts in defending academic integrity”, states Andreas Ohlson, CEO of Ouriginal.

Read more about how Urkund integrates with the Moodle LMS and download the plugin on Urkund’s Moodle Certified Integration Page.


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About Ouriginal

Ouriginal provides text-matching software used to assess the originality of any given text. It was born out of the fusion of PlagScan and Urkund with the goal to offer a bold solution that enhances students’ potentials to think original and saves teachers time evaluating assignments. With more than 3 decades of combined knowledge and expertise, we deliver cutting-edge technology, catering to our customers’ needs.