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Moodle puts the power of eLearning in your hands

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Why Moodle?

Moodle puts the power of eLearning in your hands

At Moodle, our mission is to empower educators to improve our world with our open source eLearning software.

Flexible, secure, and customisable for any online teaching or training initiative, Moodle gives you the freedom to create an eLearning platform that best meets your needs.

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Customise your learning experience

With a wide range of inbuilt features, plugins, and integrations at your disposal, you can create any course or learning environment you envision with Moodle.

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Scale your platform to any size

From small classrooms to large universities, global companies, and government departments, Moodle can be scaled to support organisations of all sizes.

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Safeguard your LMS data and systems

As an open source platform, Moodle is committed to safeguarding data security, user privacy, and security controls. For complete control, Moodle can be easily deployed on a private secure cloud or server.

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Use anywhere, on any device

With a mobile-compatible interface and cross-browser compatibility, content on the Moodle platform is easily accessible, available offline, and consistent across different web browsers and devices.

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Tap into specialist LMS support

Get your LMS set up and serviced for you by a Moodle Certified Partner or Service Provider of your choice.

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Read inspiring stories from around the world on how Moodle is being used to manage online learning and improve learner outcomes.
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Who’s using Moodle?

Moodle is the online learning platform of choice for thousands of schools, universities, colleges, vocational trainers, and workplaces in every part of the world.
377000000+ Users world wide
Users world wide
2.2 Billion+ Course enrolments
0 Billion+
Course enrolments
45000000+ Courses in 42 languages
Courses in 42 languages
154000+ Moodle sites
Moodle sites

What our customers say

Hear from teachers, trainers, and leaders in the learning space about how Moodle empowers them to provide quality online learning experiences.
Emma Christensen Image

Emma Christensen

Learning and Development Officer

“Moodle was incredibly easy to set up and for the survivors to navigate. As easy as it is to use, the platform is still highly customisable for our needs.”

Chris Joyce Image

Chris Joyce

Senior Director of Programs at LRCE

“We equally liked the Moodle platform and our partnership with Moodle US, who provided a dedicated team to ‘hold our hand’ through the site building and setup process.”

Troy Patterson Image

Troy Patterson

Director of Technology and Media Services

“We chose to invest in ourselves with Moodle. We now have a rich environment that focusses on student and teacher learning, while our effectiveness and efficiencies continue to grow.”

Pioneers in education technology

Pioneers in education technology

Our global awards and rankings are a testament to Moodle’s 20+ years of expertise in education technology, and the dedication of our community to continually improve our LMS systems.

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Wherever you are in the world, there’s a Moodle expert near you who can provide help. From site setup and hosting, to customisations and training, unlock unparalleled expertise and dedicated support 24/7 through our global network of Moodle Certified Partners and Service Providers.

Here to help you succeed

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With fresh and intuitive interfaces, find out how the latest release of our eLearning platforms make it easier for educators or trainers to create and edit courses, engage diverse teams of learners, and maximise employee training outcomes.
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