Streamlining safety and compliance with Moodle – a success story for the State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania

March 23, 2024 By Sonya Trivedi

Established in 1990, The State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania is working on ensuring workplace safety and regulatory compliance across the nation. 

With a dedicated team of 320 employees, The Inspectorate focuses on control services, work safety, consultancy, and supporting unions and associations. 

The organisation is committed to preserving employee well-being, health, and employability and plays a key role in preventing workplace safety and health violations, labour disputes, and occupational diseases.

The challenges

Prior to adopting Moodle, The State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania relied on a bespoke system primarily used for conducting live, on-site exams, necessitating the organisation of physical exam sessions for test takers. While the platform enabled the creation and modification of exam questions, the digital analysis of exam results and the issue of certificates, the process involved significant manual effort. The Inspectorate required live proctors across the country, conference rooms to be rented to conduct exams, and procuring tablets for the exams. 

It was identified that a new learning solution was required to reduce the logistical and human resource requirements associated with organising live exam sessions.  The aim was to streamline this process, enhance efficiency, reduce manual tasks, and alleviate the burden on staff who were diverted from their core duties to facilitate exam sessions.  The COVID-19 pandemic compounded this need.

The solution

In responding to the need for a more efficient and flexible learning management system, the State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania partnered with Vextur, a Moodle Premium Certified Partner, to implement a learning management system that would automate and enhance the organisation’s training and examination processes.

The adoption of Moodle LMS allowed for significant advancements in conducting courses and exams. Notably, it enabled the incorporation of digital signatures in activities, the integration of exams with a proctoring system to ensure integrity during test-taking, and the automatic issuance of certifications. This allowed The Inspectorate to offer the flexibility for individuals to complete exams remotely at their convenience. 

A particularly valuable development was the ability for foreign users to take exams, overcoming previous barriers related to identification.

Moodle LMS was selected through a public procurement process based on the system’s ability to meet a detailed set of technical specifications and cost-effectiveness. Some of the key functionalities that were beneficial to the Inspectorate included the capability to administer remote exams, automate certificate distribution, integrate with existing systems, and use a proctoring system for user identification, preventing the whole test-taking process from cheating. Moodle’s comprehensive exam creation tools, its flexibility, and the capacity for diverse question types were crucial in meeting the Inspectorate’s needs. 

Vextur, as a Moodle Premium Certified Partner, provided invaluable support to the Inspectorate in implementing Moodle LMS. Their expertise facilitated seamless integration with existing systems, customised the learning environment to meet specific needs, and ensured a smooth project journey through dedicated support. Vextur’s involvement underscored the value of the project, emphasising the crucial role of their guidance and assistance in leveraging Moodle effectively for the Inspectorate’s requirements.

This transition to Moodle represents a significant step forward for the State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of its training and examination processes.

The results

Following the implementation of Moodle LMS, the State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania observed significant improvements in operational efficiency and cost savings, highlighting the tangible benefits of this transition. The adoption of Moodle LMS has led to a notable reduction in manual work, especially within regional operations, thereby saving valuable human resources. The organisation also reduced its dependency on physical resources due to the diminished need for conference rooms and other logistical arrangements for test-taking sessions.

This efficiency gain is complemented by considerable cost savings, as there is no longer a need to rent conference rooms, tablets, or other technical equipment for administering tests. Last but not least, by automating the exam process and removing the need for physical presence, there’s a lower risk of corrupt practices influencing outcomes.

New opportunities and future growth

Looking ahead, the State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania envisions leveraging Moodle’s capabilities to continue growing and evolving over the next five years. The flexibility and scalability provided by Moodle are expected to support the institution’s mission to enhance workplace safety and regulatory compliance across Lithuania. 

“We are very satisfied with the Vextur – Moodle partner in Lithuania, who took a responsible part in adapting the Moodle system according to the institution’s needs.” – Jolita Urbanavičienė, Department of Occupational Safety and Health Chief Labor Inspector.”

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