How BAF transformed employee onboarding and progress tracking with Moodle LMS

February 7, 2024 By Barnana Sarkar

Founded in 1997 PT Bussan Auto Finance (BAF) specialises in a range of products, including new Yamaha Motors Financing, Used Motorcycle Financing, BAF Car Financing, Multi-products (Electronic, Gadget, and Furniture), Agricultural Machinery Financing, BAF PraDana, and BAF AdiDana

As a registered and supervised entity under the Financial Service Authority (OJK) and a member of the Indonesia Financing Company Association (APPI) and Credit Bureau, BAF ensures a reliable and transparent financial service. With a team of approximately 9,200 employees, the company has successfully served 8.8 million customers, establishing a prominent presence in 245 locations across Indonesia.

BAF has relied on Moodle LMS for onboarding and compliance training for several years. They also wanted to use the platform to store content and podcasts so employees could choose the learning material that aligned with their preferences, which required further optimisation.

The challenge

BAF faced the challenge of optimising Moodle LMS’s features for corporate use, given that a significant portion of the workforce relied on the platform for training, making it crucial to enhance the system’s capabilities. 

The organisation used SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)  format for a significant portion of the learning content. Managing and delivering this content effectively across their workforce was a challenging task. BAF experienced complications with its current system, which lacked the flexibility to manage employee onboarding and track progress.

Also, the organisation recognised the need for a more streamlined solution and selected a learning management system (LMS) that can be integrated with smartphones seamlessly so that their field staff could get access to learning materials anywhere at anytime.

The solution

To provide an effective training experience for its employees, BAF collaborated with PCMan, a Moodle Certified Partner, in 2022 to optimise Moodle LMS for their specific corporate requirements.

BAF’s Learning and Development team played a pivotal role in this process by outlining the specific needs and features crucial for effective employee training. Simultaneously, the IT Team at BAF addressed the infrastructure and security aspects associated with deploying Moodle LMS, laying a strong foundation for an optimised learning environment.

The collaborative partnership with PCMan proved helpful, bringing valuable insights and recommendations to the table. Their expertise not only facilitated the swift integration of Moodle LMS but their responsiveness and helpfulness accelerated its adoption within the organisation. This collaborative effort ensured a smooth transition to an advanced LMS, finely tuned to meet the evolving training needs of BAF’s dynamic workforce.

Moreover, the implementation of the Branded Moodle App proved to be extremely beneficial for BAF. The app allowed the organisation to customise its appearance to align with its brand positioning, values, and identity. By offering learners direct and convenient access to relevant content through their personalised app, BAF enhanced the overall learner experience. The app’s integration extended to tracking mobile engagement analytics, providing valuable insights into overall employee learning progress and enabling continuous course improvements.

The result

Applying Moodle LMS significantly improved BAF’s training and onboarding processes, enabling them to monitor course completion. They received valuable insights into each employee’s learning journey, resulting in better management of training initiatives. They could integrate all existing SCORM content and leverage the previously developed content without significant modifications, ensuring a smooth transition and saving time and resources. 

The branded Moodle app allowed employees to do their courses offline or on the go while focusing on their daily tasks. They had direct and easy access to the content, and once they downloaded the app, they could simply log in and continue to learn from their mobile devices. 

PCMan’s responsiveness and assistance in addressing queries and administrative tasks contributed to the success of the Moodle LMS implementation. It maximised the platform’s potential and helped BAF adapt it to their evolving needs. 

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