MoodleMoot Italy is back for 2017 in Rome!

July 10, 2017

Good news Moodlers!

After the last MoodleMoot Italy in 2014 in Padova, MoodleMoot is back for 2017! It will be held on September 28 – 30 in Rome at Sapienza Università di Roma – Dipartimento di Chimica e Tecnologie del Farmaco.

Want to know what is being planned for MoodleMoot Italy 2017? We spoke to the event organiser, Giuseppe Fiorentino, to get inside the upcoming conference.

Moodle HQ: Thank you Giuseppe for taking the time to talk to us about MoodleMoot Italy 2017.
Can you start by giving us a bit of history about MoodleMoot Italy? How did it start, when was the first one?

Giuseppe: Let me first thank you for supporting our Official Italian MoodleMoot!
Italian MoodleMoots date back to 2005, when the first MiniMoot was held in Rome. Since then there has been at least one MoodleMoot event per year all over Italy.

In 2008, thanks to the Italian Moodle Partner MediaTouch 2000, there was also a Moodle International Conference in Rome. Now we are off to a new flying start: the first Official MoodleMoot organized by the recently founded Italian Moodle Users Association (Associazione Italiana Utenti Moodle – AIUM), will be in Rome once again in 2017! You can find the whole history on the site

Moodle HQ: Are you able to let us know, what is the theme of this year’s conference or what the focus will be?

The focus will be on the emerging trends in Teaching and Learning, and how to fully support them with Moodle.

Moodle HQ: Who do you think should attend MoodleMoot Italy 2017 and what benefits will they gain from attending the conference?

Giuseppe: I think that anybody who is really interested in Teaching and Learning in the digital era should attend the conference. We are calling for contributions on research topics and good practices.

There will also be a special session on how to take full advantage from all recently introduced Moodle features.

Moodle HQ: What are some of the highlights of the conference this year? What do you think will get participants excited about MoodleMoot Italy 2017?

We will take a look at the future of Moodle with the keynote speaker Gavin Henrick, from Moodle HQ. (Thank you Gavin for accepting our invitation).

There will also be tutorials for beginners and experienced users and a “technical meeting” concerning the management of a Moodle site and the development of plugins. Everybody will find something interesting!

Moodle HQ: How can people get involved in and support MoodleMoot Italy 2017?

Giuseppe: Spreading the news and supporting the Italian Moodle Users Association!

We have many ongoing projects.

The most important one at the moment aims to provide good quality documentation in Italian. We are collecting tutorials produced around Italy, validating them and making them freely available in source format to our community.

We are also translating the whole official documentation (3.1 and ongoing) in Italian. It’s a long and hard job, but I think we’re succeeding. I’ll say more on this in the next months.

Thank you once again, Giuseppe, for taking the time to tell us about MoodleMoot Italy – we appreciate your time and look forward to hearing how the conference goes!

To register your spot for MoodleMoot Italy from 28 – 30 September in Rome, for more information or to find out how you can get involved in the conference, please visit the website at