Japan: join the first Moodle conference of 2021

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MoodleMoot Japan 2021 will bring together educators, instructional designers, developers and Moodle experts, including Moodle CEO and Founder Martin Dougiamas.  

On February 18-20 2021, the Moodle community of Japan is getting together both in Okinawa and online to learn and share about eLearning, research and development of our open source learning management Moodle.

Organised by the Moodle Association of Japan (MAJ), MoodleMoot Japan is taking place in 2021 for the 13th consecutive year. The education landscape in Japan has experienced great changes since the first conference in 2008: “The eLearning usage in Japan has been steadily spreading step by step, along with the increase of the usage of LMS and the BYOD, especially in the higher education” says Yoshikazu Asada, president of the MAJ. 

In 2020, Japan had long school and workplace closures due COVID-19. “One of the next concerns for organisations is how effective and efficient the Moodle-based education is”, says Mr. Asada. “The usage of Moodle is rapidly increasing and each institution has numerous data from learning logs inside Moodle now”.

So, in 2021 MoodleMoot Japan will provide the Moodle and education community of Japan with a space to discuss emergency remote teaching and to share edtech innovations and Moodle news. Let’s have a look at what’s coming on #MootJP21:

Learning analytics: how effective is distance education?

Get insights from researchers and educators on measuring learning success, and how you can leverage learning analytics to support this success, at the opening keynote of MootJP21 (in Japanese). 

Learn from peer educators, researchers and developers

Get inspired with presentations from teachers, learn in hands-on Moodle workshops with experts and ask all your Moodle questions at the Genius Bar. Plus, see successful Moodle courses from peer organisations using Moodle LMS for all kinds of education fields: from foreign languages to STEM or medical education.

Discover award-winning edtech projects

The Innovation and Open Courseware awards recognise the top contributions to the open source and OER community. While the Innovation award focuses on Moodle plugins, the Open Courseware award recognises the best OER Moodle courseware that anyone can download for free.

Hear the latest news from Moodle HQ and our Partners in Japan

Find out what’s coming in the future of Moodle, directly from our CEO and Founder Martin Dougiamas, who’ll share the upcoming roadmap of Moodle in a keynote. If you’d like to know more about our corporate learning management, Moodle Workplace™, don’t miss the presentation with its Project Manager Emilio Lozano. Plus, talk to our Certified Partner e-learning co about implementing the power of Moodle into your eLearning strategy.

Find out more and register
on the MoodleMoot Japan webpage.


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