The virtual learning environment of the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Education

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In 2010, Moodle Partner IThinkUPC assisted the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Education to introduce ICT into the classrooms of public schools in Catalonia through the development and implementation of ÀGORA, the Ministry’s Moodle-based learning platform, which has hundreds of thousands of users.

In 2019, IThinkUPC was successfully awarded a seven year contract with the Ministry after going through a competitive process.

In 2006, the Ministry’s Learning and Knowledge Technologies Department decided to gradually introduce ICT in classrooms.

The aim was to provide teachers in public schools with educational tools and resources that would enable them to improve the quality of teaching.To achieve this objective of the Learning and Knowledge Technologies Area, ÀGORA – a Moodle- based learning platform for Catalonia’s network of schools – was created in 2007.

The Challenge

To successfully develop a platform of this kind, the existing technology needed to evolve, innovations were due in respect to content, in addition to applying the latest developments in e-education.

To meet this challenge, the Catalan Ministry of Education brought IThinkUPC as collaborators to utilise their experience with e-learning platforms.

The Solution

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