Moodle Academy has launched the second course in the Moodle Developer Basics program! The new Web Output Essentials course builds on the knowledge gained in the Set up your Moodle Development Environment course launched last month. It is the second course in a series of six that will become the Moodle Developer Basics program and is designed to introduce participants to Moodle’s plugin types.

The Web Output Essentials course, developed by Rajneel Totaram, will help PHP developers learn how to use Moodle’s Page and Output APIs to display content in a local plugin and introduce them to localisation using language strings. The estimated learning time is approximately 2 hours. While not mandatory, it is recommended that participants complete the first course in the Moodle Developer Program, Set up your Moodle Development Environment, prior to Web Output Essentials. Moodle Development Environment introduces developers to the Moodle development environment, source code management, code checking tools and plugins.

Through the Moodle Developer Basics program, developers can tackle one course at a time, knowing that they are working towards a full program of learning for which they can achieve a certificate of completion.

The remaining four follow-on courses in the program will cover Moodle’s modular architecture and APIs; Moodle access and security essentials; testing configuration and upgrades; and accessible development practices. This program will replace the Moodle Plugin Development Basics course on Learn Moodle.

Both of these new courses are free, self-paced and participants can join at any time.

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