Moodle is the world’s open source learning platform


Empowering educators to improve our world

Moodle allows educators, of any kind, to create a private space online, filled with tools that easily create courses and activities, all optimised for collaborative learning.

The History of Moodle

  • 19701970s

    In the Western Australian desert, Moodle Founder & CEO, Martin Dougiamas, studies through school of the air and materials delivered by aeroplanes.

    Martin’s childhood experience prepares him to create an internet-based learning platform.

  • 19991999

    At Curtin University, Martin begins creating Moodle for his Phd research.

  • 20022002

    Martin releases version 1.0 of Moodle as an open source system to the world. Within months Moodle was being used around the world.

  • 20042004

    Moodle described by Brent Simpson as the “Linux of the LMS world.”

  • 20082008

    Martin accepts Google-O’Reilly Open Source Award in the Education Enabler category for Moodle.

  • 20152015

    Moodle became the most popular Learning Management System in the world, with the most number of users, boasting well over 80 million users in 222 territories worldwide.

    Moodle launches its SaaS based product offering - MoodleCloud

  • 20162016

    Moodle reaches over 100 million registered users across every country in the world.

  • 20172017

    Moodle turns 15, announces investment partnership with Education for The Many and starts to accelerate their five key growth projects: improving Moodle core, Learn Moodle curriculum, MoodleNet, Moodle Foundation (and opening an office in Barcelona) and expanding their Services & Partnership program.

Our People

Moodle was first released as an open-source platform in 2001. Today it is empowering millions of educators and learners to improve our world, in every country.

Moodle’s open source project is managed by a dedicated team at Moodle HQ with a head office in Perth (Australia) and satellite offices around the world. Being an open source project, Moodle is a collaborative effort and is supported by a strong global community.


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