Using Moodle Learning Analytics and reporting to increase student engagement

October 29, 2019 By Mary Cooch

Monitoring and maintaining student engagement is increasingly vital in today’s online and blended learning, and the Moodle LMS has always been at the forefront in providing both powerful Learning Analytics functionality and useful reporting.

Our upcoming developments in Learning Analytics with Moodle 3.8 will help educators better support learners as they progress through their courses. The release coming in November, Moodle 3.8, builds on these exciting new features and offers educators and administrators effective ways to measure and increase student engagement.

Get insights from your Analytics

Thanks to two new analytics ‘insights’, teachers will be able to monitor students who have not accessed the course recently (in the past few days, week or month) and students who have not accessed the course since it started. They’ll be able to send messages to these students to encourage and give assistance where needed.

New: send messages to students who have not accessed the course recently


A new summary report

The popular Forum activity is undergoing significant enhancements in Moodle 3.8, not least the option to grade forum posts. More details coming soon! Another welcome feature is a new summary report giving the teacher valuable data relating to all forum activity for every student in the course. This includes the number of discussions they’ve started, replies they’ve made, attachments included, word count (if enabled),  earliest and most recent posts – and more. In courses where forum participation is a key aspect of the learning – and particularly in courses where the new forum grading is used – this summary report will be very useful.


Forum reporting capabilities in Moodle 3.8


Do you want to know more about Moodle 3.8? Read the announcement on the upcoming H5P integration.