Moodle Workplace now offered in Barcelona, Spain, as 3ipunt achieve Premium Moodle Partner status

November 25, 2020 By

Offering certified Moodle services to the pharmaceutical, publishing, healthcare and higher-ed sectors since 2017, 3ipunt has now reached Premium status in the Moodle Partner network, after undergoing the rigorous selection process of the Moodle Partner Program.

“As a witness to their expertise and professionalism from everyone in the team on all of the projects we’ve collaborated with them on, we are proud to name 3ipunt as our first Spanish Certified Premium Moodle Partner. Already a member of the Product Advisory Group, 3ipunt contributed to the development of Moodle Workplace, so it was a natural stepping stone to see 3ipunt achieving this new status”. – Jose Marcos Lopez-Rios, EMEA Channel Manager, Moodle

“Becoming a Certified Premium Moodle Partner has offered us visibility and relevance within the eLearning market, as well as contributing to becoming Open EdTech providers”. – Pau Plana, CEO and Co-founder, 3ipunt

Referring to the challenges faced by the organisation in their region, Pau says that in the corporate world, Moodle Workplace continues to add value as a training and eLearning tool, helping organisations manage and improve results of administrative teams as well as employees.

Speaking on the education sector, Pau continues, “Covid-19 has made the importance of having a quality LMS grow tenfold, so that students can continue learning either at school or online”.

The Moodle LMS is able to support institutions as they change their educational model to allow students to have a higher level of independence, so they can choose their own way of learning and how they go about challenging themselves.

3ipunt’s strength lies in higher education, having supported Open University of Catalonia, a pioneering university in Europe offering fully online courses.

In addition, notable clients include the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Pharmacists’ Official Colleges, ESADE Business School. At a corporate level they’ve customised solutions for clients such as Fluidra, and at a government level developing projects for Generalitat de Catalunya or Diputació de Girona.

About the Partner
Founded in 2004, 3ipunt is formed by professionals from the IT world, offering integrated consulting services in information and communication technologies, based on open source solutions.

“Our inception in the development world provides us with a vision that goes one step further than just training; we offer a step forward towards business and management”, says Pau. “At 3ipunt we are experts in e-learning, cloud, and web development”.

3ipunt consider Moodle and Workplace as a key piece in an educational ecosystem for its ability to integrate using standards such as 1EdTech (previously IMS Global), an association 3ipunt is part of.

They are also AWS partners and rely on cloud technology to deliver robust and scalable solutions.

To learn more about them, visit 3ipunt’s Partner Profile.