Transforming the traditional classroom with Open Education

February 10, 2020 By Júlia Verdaguer

The Tamarind Tree school in Dahanu, India, encourages self-learning through open educational resources and open technology

At Tamarind Tree, the traditional classroom and traditional teacher role do not exist. Using open source software and open educational resources, the school has developed an entire digital ecosystem, with their LMS built on Moodle “My Big Campus” in the centre.

Each day, students access the learning content and go through activities independently, nurturing their curiosity and self-assurance. In this setting, the role of the teacher is not as someone who delivers content, but more like a facilitator who mentors the children during their learning journey. As well as guiding the children through what they’re learning, when a teacher detects that a student is having difficulties with a topic or concept, or requires help, they will schedule one-on-one meetings where they both research and learn together.

“Because our system is technologically run it’s extremely easy to pinpoint exactly in which concept […] the learner is facing a problem”, says Tamarind Tree team member Ayushi.

Facilitators are then ready to provide the most suitable intervention to support the learner’s understanding.

Learn more about the open education framework at Tamarind Tree in the Project Nomad video below:


Interested in learning more about the open education movement in India? Tamarind Tree Founder, Michelle Chawla, spoke at our MoodleMoot India 2020, discussing the role of Moodle in building an Open Education in India. Re-watch her ‘Education is a Right, not a privilege’ presentation here.