Carbon Black Uses Moodle to Improve Onboarding with Role-Based Learning Pathways

June 12, 2019 By Moodle

Carbon Black is a leading security company that detects malicious behavior and helps organizations defend against them.

In this case study learn how Carbon Black uses Moodle and the expertise of a Moodle Partner to improve efficiencies in onboarding and professional development. With Moodle, Carbon Black has created a role-based onboarding process, utilizes analytics and reporting for measurable learning, and has a centralized location to organize and easily share market knowledge.

Carbon Black is a security company based in Waltham, Massachusetts, that detects malicious behavior and defends organizations of all sizes from modern-day attacks with its unique zero-gap protection – in the cloud or on premise. A leader in endpoint security, Carbon Black was voted Best Endpoint Protection by security professionals in the SANS Institute’s Best of 2015 Awards.

The Challenge

Before using Moodle, Carbon Black recognized that their knowledge management program for sales training was not the all-encompassing system they would have liked it to be, but instead a “fractured effort.” Carbon Black’s educational resources, including presentations, documentation, and other tools were “collecting digital dust online with no way to easily share resources or track if they were being used,” said John Hackmeyer, Director of Worldwide Sales Enablement.

The Solution

A Fully-Managed Moodle Site
After an extensive review process, Carbon Black selected a Moodle Partner to provide a fully-managed Moodle LMS experience covering all needs including:
– Implementation
– Hosting
– Troubleshooting Integrations
– Unlimited Moodle Modules Consulting
– Salesforce Integration

Analytics and Reporting

Using Moodle, Carbon Black has real-time access to valuable analytics and reporting to track training progress, course completions, and acquired competencies. Administrators can also gauge employee engagement levels by utilizing quizzes, testing, and other assignments for more verifiable learning.


Organized and Efficient Professional Development
Carbon Black uses Moodle to give their resources an organized home. With Moodle, they are able to create a library of content to provide employees with continuous professional development and educational opportunities. A course catalog offers a variety of courses that employees can take based on their interests, and analytics allow administrators to track training progress.

Role-Based Onboarding for Sales Team

Using Moodle has given Carbon Black the ability to create role-based learning pathways to provide a more personalized onboarding process. With ten different positions within the Sales Department, using role-based learning pathways ensures each employee receives training that is tailored for their specific position within the company. Upon hire, new employees now receive an invitation for their specific 12-week onboarding program that provides the appropriate role-based learning pathway.