Learn on demand with Moodle Workplace: An intro to the Learning Catalogue

December 25, 2023 By Sonya Trivedi

In October this year, we marked the launch of Moodle Workplace 4.3, a significant advancement in our enterprise learning management platform. As we are already planning the next release, this blog will present you with the opportunity to sneak peek at the next launch, particularly the Learning Catalogue, one of the most innovative features. This feature is set to redefine how learning is approached in corporate environments.

What is the Learning Catalogue?

Contemporary learners want to access their learning anytime, anywhere. They are eager to find new courses available to them and the best options for their skill development, whether as part of a workplace learning program or self-directed through paid online courses. Equally, managers and trainers need to improve workplace productivity and engage them in their learning journey by allowing them to choose their own desired learning and recommend learning to other team members. A Learning Catalogue empowers learners to take control of their learning journeys and enables organisations to curate, promote, and monetise their learning. 

In Moodle Workplace 4.4, the Learning Catalogue will be a new feature that will act as a central hub where learners can discover courses and materials that align with their interests, marking a shift from traditional, manager-assigned learning paths. This approach enables self-directed learning, giving employees more control over their educational experiences and managers the ability to attract and retain talent through delivering personalised learning experiences.

Impact on Enterprise Learning

In employee training settings, the Learning Catalogue introduces a more flexible and personalised approach to learning. It moves away from the conventional model of assigning courses to employees, allowing learners to choose courses that align with their individual development and career growth. This flexibility delivers personalised learning experiences in the workplace, catering to diverse learning needs and helps attract and retain talent within the organisation.

The development of the Learning Catalogue is partly in response to market demand. Prior to this, Moodle Workplace already allowed for learning on demand through external tools and catalogues. The Learning Catalogue integrates this demand into the core of Moodle Workplace, enhancing functionality and offering more possibilities for learners to upskill,” commented Emilio Lozano, Head of Workplace Solutions. 

An essential aspect of the Learning Catalogue is its integration with e-commerce tools. This integration is crucial for organisations looking to monetise and promote their learning assets. While the Learning Catalogue includes essential e-commerce functionalities, it is designed to allow users to incorporate additional, more specific e-commerce tools if needed.

Emilio also highlighted Moodle’s incremental approach to software development, especially for the Learning Catalogue. The aim is to introduce essential functionalities first, allowing real users to test and provide feedback. This approach ensures that the catalogue evolves based on user needs and market trends, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness.

In summary, the Learning Catalogue in Moodle Workplace 4.4 will represent a significant step towards more dynamic and user-driven learning in corporate environments, offering organisations a versatile tool to enhance their learning and development strategies.

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