Maximise your LMS for compliance training

Tamara Smith, People & Culture Manager at Moodle HQ


Compliance training is a legal requirement for many organisations, so it may be mandatory for you to schedule it regularly for your employees, as well as to track and record it correctly.

There is a wide variety of tools available that exclusively manage an organisation’s compliance training obligations. However, there’s no need to use a separate system when you can utilise one LMS for your compliance needs and other L&D programs. In fact, if it includes the right tools, using an LMS for this purpose can be an incredibly efficient way of managing, delivering and tracking compliance training organisation-wide.


LMS tools and features for compliance training

Automated course assignment

Automating course assignment by role type is a great way to ensure your employees are enrolled in the appropriate compliance courses. Whether it’s a new employee coming onboard, or a position change for an existing employee, by assigning them to a role in your LMS you can automatically enrol them in the required training. 

Recurring certifications

Compliance training often requires a set timeframe for employees to achieve certain certifications. Many of these certifications also have an expiry date, so your employees may need to be recertified periodically. An LMS that’s designed for compliance enables you to set up recurring and refresher training for employees, as well as to send them automated notifications before their current certificate expires. 

Automatic report generator

Keeping track of who’s up to date with compliance courses is vital to your organisation, to ensure you are meeting your legal obligations. Your LMS should have a strong report builder that enables you to aggregate data from various sources, sort and filter it, so that you can quickly assess progress. And, even better, it should allow you to schedule periodic reports and send them to the relevant manager, so that they can track their team’s progress and take ownership of course completion.

Centralised management for multiple learning platforms

Some compliance training is very role-specific, whilst others provide industry-standard knowledge. So, whilst your Accounting team might not need to be up-to-date with the same laws or policies as your IT Security team, or your subsidiary in the UK will be subject to different laws than in Canada, they all might share common compliance requirements, such as safety or risk management programs. A multi-tenant LMS enables you to have multiple learning platforms, each with their own specific compliance training and L&D programs, whilst also sharing common organisation-wide content and courses.

Mobile and user-friendly

Even though compliance training may be mandatory, it’s likely your employees see their work as a higher priority and will generally perceive compliance training to be a time-consuming chore. Providing them with the flexibility to complete training whenever and wherever they like with a user-friendly, mobile platform makes the process much more enjoyable, and finding the time much less of a challenge.


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