Moodle Community Celebration! 100,000 Contributions and 1000 Developers

March 8, 2021 By Abby Fry

One of the greatest strengths of Moodle is the community that has grown around Moodle LMS, the customisable open source learning management platform used by over 250 million learners worldwide. 

Developers, system administrators, educators and learners participate in Moodle’s active discussion forums, sharing tips, posting code snippets, updating documentation, helping new users, sharing resources and debating new ideas. This pushes us to constantly evolve features and to ensure old ones perform properly in a never ending cycle of ongoing improvement.

Over 1000 developers now participate in the Moodle development community and Moodle LMS’s main development branch has reached over 100,000 commits, many of which are from community contributors. Not only awe inspiring in themselves, these numbers affirm Moodle’s commitment to public code, Moodle LMS as an open source project and more broadly, open source values of open exchange, collaborative participation, transparency and community-oriented development. 

Martin Dougiamas, Moodle CEO and Founder says, “Nearly 20 years since its public release, I’m proud that many, many millions of people benefit from the openness of Moodle: educators, students, government, and organisations in every country in the world. Moodle would not be where it is today without the generous contributions and involvement of our community – developers, users, educators, administrators, partners – and I sincerely thank them for their ongoing contribution. At our core, I think we have a shared vision, and that is of using the power of open source and the internet to increase the quality of learning everywhere around the world. That is what Moodle is all about.”

The learning and development functionalities of Moodle LMS has given birth to a range of ancillary Moodle products and services including Moodle App, Moodle Workplace, the customisable platform transforming workplace learning, plus out of the box MoodleCloud hosting solutions and our network of partners and consultancy services delivering code-level customisations, implementation, training and support. 

Moodle’s mission to “empower educators to improve our world” is also supported by education programs in creating best practice Moodle-based online learning, and the development of a network where educators can learn, share and curate open education resources. 

Find out more and get involved by joining the Moodle community or become a member of the Moodle Users Association to support the growth of Moodle and have a say in its core development.