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Aim for accuracy with this cool corrections plugin

Are you an educator whose role involves correcting your learners’ spelling, punctuation and grammar? Perhaps you make use of the […]

We look through Moodle’s 15th year!

On Sunday 20 August, Moodlers around the world celebrated Moodle’s 15th birthday! Who remembers when our chief Moodler, Founder and […]
world vision australia non-profit moodle training

How World Vision is using blended learning to empower...

Many of us are familiar with the well known orange beacon logo of World Vision globally and the many good […]

MoodleMoot Colombia está de regreso en el 2017....

¡Buenas noticias, Moodlers! Si se encuentran en Bogotá o zonas cercanas al rededor del 31 de agosto y 1ro de […]

Find out about enhancing educational experience with...

Have you heard of Echo360? If you have not, you might want to tune in and hear about this active […]

Let’s check in with a progress update on Moodle 3.4

Last month we had a look at the current major works in Moodle 3.4 that our developers and community members […]

Join us for Moodle’s 15th Birthday!

Circle 20 August in your diaries or set a reminder on your phones, as it is Moodle’s 15th Birthday! Who […]

Join our UX team on another Usability Study for Moodle

Moodlers, last month we asked many to join us in a research activity with our UX team to gain insight […]

Enable your students to view and compare their...

How can you enable staff and students to easily view their grades across Moodle courses, in a single view? This […]