Delivering solutions through strategic partnerships

At Moodle US, we have strategic partnerships with leading education technology tools and solutions that enhance and extend functionality of the Moodle online learning experience.


An open source integrated virtual classroom platform providing real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, whiteboard, chat and screen.


A premier reporting and analytics platform that provides insights into learner focus, instructor engagement and learner success.

Brickfield Education Labs

Reduce barriers and maximize learning opportunities with the premier accessibility, auditing and remediation platform.

Argos Multilingual

A lot of the effectiveness of eLearning depends on the quality of the language in the training materials. Argos provides high-quality translations for your courses, videos and systems.


Training management software for course providers who have outgrown messy spreadsheets and manual data entry.


A personalized corporate motivational solution designed to engage learners in fun and successful training by offering incentives for completing activities and courses.

Ease Learning

A learning experience solution that enables skills-based learning design and mapping, with rich data analytics to measure skills achievement.


A set of tools for language teachers to build dynamic courses, featuring speaking, word learning, oral reading, pronunciation and more. 


Live and on-demand video SaaS solutions for teaching, learning, communicating, collaborating, and entertaining.

Integrity Advocate

An identification verification, participation monitoring, and online proctoring tool that prioritizes user privacy.

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